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Disconnect Store Berlin

Counter-culture records, books and art.

  • Supporters board!

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • What an amazing community you are!

    Dear supporters,

    this campaign has been incredible, we are still puzzled how good this went. The financial help is a thing but to feel that a community is behind us is übermassive! Thank you so much, you make the difference! 

    Again, we still encounter difficulties to communicate well and we also don't have many great pictures to show yet.

    We can nonetheless tell that; the walls are shining and ready to hold beautiful art. The carpet is placed and smoothes everything. The sofa is bringing the comfort. Our light system is almost ready and baths the room perfectly. The wheeled furniture are on their way. Now it just awaits the goods to take their space!

    Yes, it is a tight schedule but the place will open!

    However, due to time and to the -in the meantime money situation-, we couldn't get everything that is necesserary for a perfect store within that timeframe but since the success of the fundraiser, all will definitely arrive and that will be occasions to celebrate physical updates.

    To get more regular updates, please follow our pages:

    - https://www.facebook.com/disconnectberlin/

    - https://www.instagram.com/storedisconnect/

    And our opening week event:


    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Either through Facebook, our respective pages or our official email: [email protected] . A landline telephone number is also coming soon.

    Our website is also there, still in construction: https://disconnectberlin.wordpress.com/

    Hey, we thank you again! And looking forward to see you during our opening week and over the year.

    Simon, Christoph and Jan

  • Still 10 hours to share!

    Hi everyone,

    We are sorry to not be able to communicate a bit more but the renovations and preparations are taking all our time.

    Anyway, there is still 10 hours before the end of the campaign and we'd like to make a last call. If you could still share, talk about the project to your friends a last time, it'll bring us closer to our goal, opening with the maximum of comfort. Also in terms of easying all of those overwehlming and costly tasks.

    You can see some of the evolutions on our facebook page www.facebook.com/disconnectberlin but hopefully this week we'll be able to post pictures of proper advancements.

    Thanks again, without you, it'll look like nothing in here.

    Simon, Christoph and Jan.

  • We are overfunded!


    This is rather incredible, as you migh have seen, the project have been, within less than 24 hours, at a height of 316% financed!

    Thank you so much to you, early birds!

    If you've read the project's page though, you'll see that we deliberately set a very low goal to minimize the risk of a failed campaign and that in order to reach the full potential of the space, we seek for ... a bit more.

    So now let's not stop in such a good momentum! Continue to share and speak about it around!

    Many thanks again! We keep you updated.

    Simon, Christoph and Jan