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Dilicus - Recording an album!

First Full Album Recording!

About the project

I am a indie rocker from Iceland & I'm planning my first full length album recordings for this summer! I have been writing music for many years & started performing a year & a half ago. I just recently went on my first tour ever to the US, which I planned & paid for completely on my own!

It was such a wonderful experience & so many people loved my music that it gave me the inspiration to go even further! I hope to go back on tour again this fall with a professional & beautiful record.

If you want to be a part of this project & help me so that I can pay for studio time, a producer & session players then please submit however much you can spare & I will do my best to let you be a part of this experience!

Here are two of the songs I'm planning on recording on the album!

& here are links to my social media!




What are the funds for?

I will need to pay for studio time as well as paying someone to produce it with me, I will be getting musicians to record with me & then I need someone to do the mix and master the album as well!

Then there is the cost of making the physical copy as well as making the cover art & getting it ready for my next tour!

If you help me fund the making of this album these are some of the rewards you can get depending on the amount you give!

  • A digital download of the album!
  • Signed copy of my record (CD). icluding the cover art!
  • A chance to influence where i go on tour.
  • A q&a about my music & influences via skype!
  • A surprise gift from me!
  • Special thanks & mention on the album!
  • Meet & greet!
  • A private concert!
  • I will write a song dedicated to you!
  • A special chance of taking part in the making of a music video!

About the project owner

Diljá Sævarsdóttir is a indie rocker & songwriter from Iceland.

"A girl looking for inspiration in music & writing, creating songs & staying true to yourself no matter what <3
That is my focus & I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people along the way who have been open to my ideas & have given me opportunities to express my music in open venues.
I have also been working on giving other songwriters the opportunity to come & perform their music as well, my singer songwriter project is doing well & I’m so pleased to get to know all these other wonderful & talented people <3"

She has been writing songs since 2005,
Having mainly focused on instruments as a child, (mainly playing the cornet for 4 years whilst living in Denmark.) 
Always having a love for music of all sorts she started learning to sing at the age of 12.
Taking guitar lessons at 16 she started writing songs, first performing her own songs publicly at the age of 18 whilst trying to discover & create her own identity
She then started studying song at a drama school in London at age 20 for almost 2 years, continuing studies in 'the new music school' in Reykjavík for 1 year.
She then took a break from music whilst studying for her student degree but finding her way back to it afterwards.
Throughout her formative years she experienced a deal of traumatizing events which lead to depression, working through that she eventually learned to love and accept herself.
She had her first official gig as Dilicus at Gaukurinn in december 2016, performing three of her songs, including Need me, which is a song about the freedom of being yourself and loving yourself.
Following that night, having another traumatizing event, she retreated back into her shell, missing work and finally seeking psychiatric help for all the trauma she had dealt with, slowly patching herself together throughout 2017 she wrote over a dozen new songs and performed over a dozen times in rock venues with other artists.
Continuing to write and recording songs in her own little home studio, a few of which are already on reverbnation, 
In february of 2018 she went on her first tour ever to the US, as a DIY artist, she performed her music 20 times in three weeks, in six different states!.
She is working on putting a band together as well as hosting an event for songwriters and artists like herself to perform their songs in a venue (Gaukurinn) where they can meet with like minded musicians and share their music with others.

Now hoping to create a professional record with your help, going back on tour in the fall of 2018!