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Dig or Die

Explore, fight, craft and build your defenses!

  • Crowdfunding cancelled

    Unfortunately the goal will most likely not be reached, so i've decided to cancel the crowfunding. But the project is still well alive as i have other opportunities that will make me able to continue it. So I suggest you to follow the Dig or Die Steam Greenlight page to get news of the game !

    A huge thanks to all backers for your trust ; you will be of course fully refunded by Ulule. And I hope to see you soon in the game :-)

  • Limited rewards prices drop!

    Limited rewards are now much more affordable, so have a look at them!

    You could have a thanks with your name in the loading screens, design a weapon, item or monster, or become a sponsor of the game with your logo (linked to your website) in the home and loading screens!

    This sponsoring offer is now really worth it, if you know a company that whishes to improve its visibility and its image by supporting indi games, do not hesitate to show them the project!

  • Speleology mini-game

    Here is a "spin-off" game of Dig or Die, so you can have a little fun and see the water simulation is action.

    Remember that this mini-game is nothing compared to Dig or Die : a world 100x bigger, physics for buildings, crafting, fighting, defense gameplay, etc... Check the full description of the project to know more, and if you like the idea, back the game or share this page to help the project !

    PS: I scored 31, and you? :-)

  • Dig or Dig has just been Greenlit!

    Thanks to the 11669 positive votes, the game has been greenlight and will be published on Steam! Thanks to all of you!

    Now the next step is to make this crowdfunding sucessfull, so back the game to get great rewards, and share the link to your friends!

  • New trailer and graphics update!

    Dig or Die development goes on! I've just added a new trailer.
    Now the blocs look more natural (less square). I've also added a glimpse of the floating islands (who said Avatar ?) and a dam(n) trap !
    What do you think ?