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Dig Dig

In zistwar sanm la vi (A story with life) - 1st album of Gwendoline Absalon

About the project

"Dig dig", his "tickling" game.

"Mi sa dig dig zot lam ...
It will be to titillate your taste buds and move your senses.
10 compositions, reflecting my life, but also that of all the women of the world.

After 13 years of stage, I present to you my project of album.
Influences: from Cesaria Évora to Zanmari Baré, from Herbie Hancock to Esperanza Spalding ...

Musical accompaniment:
Rija Randrianivosoa: guitarist
Hugo Bertil: drums / percussion

Outstanding guest, Bastien Picot.

If the goal is achieved, the project leader receives the funds, carries out his project and rewards his support thanks to the counterparties. If the goal is not reached, users who have financed the project are reimbursed without charge.


What are the funds for?

Studio:2800 € (3416.812 $) 

Mixing and Mastering: 1500 € (1830.435 $)

Pressing the album + booklet: 1230 € (1500.957 $) 

SDRM (Mechanical reproduction rights of my compositions):767,81 € (935.962 $)

Costs and sending counterparts: 600 € (732.174 $)

Ulule share (8%): ​​551.82

Total cost rounded: 7450 €

About the project owner

"On stage since the age of 12, Gwendoline has to his credit many collaborations.
In 2013, she made the first part of Manu Katché, alongside Éric Légnini, Franck Agulhon, Thomas Bramerie and Hugh Coltman, at Téat Plein Air in La Réunion. His participation on various albums, Matthieu Brillant, Destin Maloya, Isa.
As well as the various Jazz festivals and other concerts, it has forged a name for itself in the middle.
Now, Gwendoline does not go unnoticed.

She moved to Bordeaux in 2015.
And surrounded by Rija Randrianivosoa, Malagasy guitarist and Hugo Bertil, Reunion drummer.
Together, they set to music a repertoire featuring Maloya, tinged with crossbreeding between Reunion and Madagascar, and many other musical horizons. They develop a mode of play based on maximum interaction, inherited from their practice of Jazz and with which they revisit and redefine the Maloya of their land. "
Various journalistic sources.

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