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An open and federated platform for articles publication

  • Thank you to all contributors of Diffu

    Thank you very much for the hope you have given us.

    This experience was a first for us and it was very enriching socially and humanely. The animation of this crowdfunding campaign allowed us to ask ourselves many questions to answer the potential contributors and thus to determine more precisely what would be Diffu.

    This campaign certainly too short, this lack of details on the specific features of Diffu, the existence of similar software such as Plume and WriteFreely, our lack of time to devote to the animation of the campaign did not allow us to achieve the goal.

    Nevertheless, we are still convinced that Diffu has a place on the Fediverse and that it can meet expectations, yours in particular, dear contributors.

    That is why we will have to act differently to develop this software and find resources differently, on our free time, with other ways of contribution that remain to be defined.

    If you want to follow us in this adventure that we always want, we invite you to subscribe to our Mastodon account: https://m.g3l.org/@Diffu

    See you soon on the Fediverse and thank you again!

    Michaël and Jean-Pierre

  • Which differences with WriteFreely or Plume ?

    We are often asked what Diffu brings to WriteFreely and Plume or what the differences are with them. These two free applications also offer many similarities with Diffu, especially in terms of interconnection with the Fediverse and the possibility of reacting to articles with a simple account compatible with ActivityPub.

    The first difference is that for Plume and WriteFreely, it is necessary to create an account on the instance that you want to use. With Diffu, according to the restrictions defined by the administrator of the instance, it will be possible to create an article just by giving his/her Mastodon identifier for example (not the password, just the nickname and the name of the instance). The author will receive a secret link by direct message on his account Mastodon allowing him to access his environment of publication and to write a new article (OAuth is another possibility). This one will be associated with its author, with his/her Mastodon profile appearing as the signature of the article. When publishing the article on the Fediverse, the author will be mentioned in the toot that he will only have to share. The address of the page of the article could be used on other social networks of course.

    We see Diffu instances as services offered to ActivityPub account holders. As we create a Framadate/Doodle or Framapad/Etherpad in two clicks, we can create an article.

    The moderation modes and workflow proposed by Diffu, the chosen thematic, the accepted languages, the definition of management rules will allow administrators to define the public that can post on their instance. It will, for example, be possible to authorize only the authors having an account on such Mastodon instance, Diffu becoming a complementary service that could propose an admin to its Mastodon users.

    Or, at the opposite, a defender of freedom of speech may leave his/her Diffu instance open bar, at the risk of having his/her instance blocked by other Fediverse actors, regulation being done on several levels. We are still working on the definition of possible moderation options, the goal is to give the administrator all the control of the game rules.

    The selected options will be clearly explained on each instance so everyone can choose the right platform that suits them best. We can already imagine making a directory containing the rules of each instance to help authors (and readers) find the most appropriate for their publications. Even to write on several instances depending on the subject of the article: "I tested a new electric bike" on diffu.velo-zone.fr and "How to install LineageOS on a Moto G4" on diffu.social.

    The other difference with Plume and WriteFreely is the language chosen for the development of Diffu. We chose PHP because it remains the easiest way to install in a web environment and we will do everything we can to make it happen. The owner of a simple shared hosting will be able to install Diffu: unzip the file of the last version, send all files by ftp on the site, reach the page of configuration to define the options of the new instance and it works. Same thing for updates.

    We already have contacts with the Plume's dev who are just as motivated as us to connect our platforms and allow interaction between users. It's the magic of Fediverse!

  • Diffu an optimal application for all readers

    The design of the articles pages hosted by Diffu ensures good readability for all devices, from the desktop with a very large screen to the mobile phone with a small screen.

    In addition, the lightweight pages generated make it pleasant to navigate even on a Low Tech computer.

    Less volume to load, less script to execute, it is the guarantee of the satisfaction of all readers of the articles shared by Diffu!

  • PayPal activation for contributions

    We have just activated PayPal payment mode in addition to credit card !

  • Framasoft parle du projet Diffu !

    L'équipe de Framasoft trouve le projet Diffu intéressant et a choisi d'en parler sur le blog de l'association au travers d'une interview avec Jean-Pierre, un des deux porteurs du projet.

    On est très fier d'être citer par Framasoft, l'association française de référence dans le monde du Logiciels Libres. Merci à eux !

    Retrouvez cet interview sur le Framablog :

    DIFFUser bientôt vos articles dans le Fediverse ?