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DID ACT - Dietetics Games

Make diabetes management as easy and fun as a child’s play !

About the project

“DID ACT Box - Dietetics Games” consists in one pack containing 4 games dealing with diabetes and dietetics… To make diabetes management as easy and fun as a child’s play !

We are Sabine and Aline, located in France. We both are mums of kids with type 1 diabetes. And we wanted to invest ourselves for all the families impacted by this pathology.

This is why we created DID ACT.

DID ACT is developing objects to help families and caregivers to deal with daily life : games, visual management tools, information leaflets…

DID ACT is above all a state of mind. Which leads us to propose products which are: 

For one year we have worked on the development of 4 games regarding dietetic topics.

We have been supported by the AJD (French patient association for kids with type 1 diabetes) and the Hospital Centres of Lille, Angers and Le Mans.  The Serious Game Research Department of the “Serre numérique” in Valenciennes did also participate. And many families have accepted to play with us so that we can improve the concept. On top of all we have used PNNS and CIQUAL data regarding dietetic content.

The result:

4 games in one pack: the “DID ACT Box - Dietetics Games”

According to the people participating and their age many possibilities are offered. A lot can be taught, and exchanges are really rich.

Box/pack content :

 - 110 playing cards

 - A big poster, illustrated on both sides

 - One pawn

 - One dice

 - One leaflet

Presentation of the 4 games: 

 - DIET TAC TIC is a game for child’s of 7 and above. You can play, count carbohydrates, create balanced menus, exchange…

 - DEFI TIC. “Defi” means challenge in French. It deals with carbohydrates equivalents.

 - MEMO TAC, is also about carbohydrates equivalents. For the youngest and the ones who love memory games.

 - TIC TAC MIAM, free game for the youngest, who are found of the coloured illustrations.

Today we need you. Your participation will help us to:

 - have the means to improve the present games and offer you some new ones according to your needs

 - develop a platform allowing the users to share their experiences with the games

 - launch our first production. The minimum lot size is 1000. Which means for us reaching 800 pre-sales via Ulule ! Production would then be launched by end of this year for deliveries in February-March 2018.

Some examples of use: 

 - At school to explain diabetes to the other classmates

 - Free game between young cousins in order to engage discussion regarding meal constraints

 - Between on kid freshly diagnosed and another. So that one can explain to the other.

 - With the grandparents, so that they understand possible substitutions they can operate at lunch when they take care of their Grandson

If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to contact us!

[email protected]

[email protected]

Pictures: Sabine Bertrand, Aline Chemineau, Image 154188362/Khakimullin Aleksandr/, Images 162275648, 223712698, 379873480, 383283298, 373271638 / Sunny Studio /

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

Aline Chemineau is an engineer, specialized in Quality and Lean management. She has worked for 12 years in a big industrial Company. She has 2 girls, Suzanne and Soline. In 2014, Suzanne has been diagnosed type 1 diabetic.

Sabine Bertrand is the mum of Antonin (8) and Mathis (6). Mathis is diabetic since he is 2 years old. Sabine is a passionated and experienced Designer. She animates the blog #Mamandesignerdunenfantdiabetique.

A great adventure...
We met through the social networks. We quickly discovered that our competencies were complementary and our envy to invest ourselves for kids was common. This is why we decided to join together this great adventure...