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Marianne Deschodt

deschodt Zegerscappel

"Not all those who wander are lost." JRR Tolkein

I am a simple person, who is trying just like everyone else to find happiness in this beautiful life.

I love the idea of share, helping one another, and crowdfunding, which has been quite popular in the US now for awhile.

I love the idea that a certain percentage of your salary should be kept aside for charity, to be given as your see fit (different from socialism where government decides!) I always strive to do this, and the internet is making it easier and easier to finance little project, sincere projects. When everyone gives a little, you end up with a whole lot!

Now it's my turn, in my 30th year on Earth, to launch my own crowdfunding campagn, in the hopes of getting the chance to do something that I could not achieve alone- for a poject based on sharing and exchanging.