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A Dark Western by Thierry Martin

About the project

Welcome to Black and White Editions’s first Ulule. 

It’s all about THIERRY MARTIN’s new book.

Thierry is a well known French comics artist. He drew Le Roman de Renart (Delcourt), adapted a Jack London novel into comics, with Nam-Bok (Futuropolis), told a story about the realm of mourning in Au pays des Ombres (Noctambule), and illustrated the Myrmidon series (la Gouttiere) for young readers, among other things…

With his LAST BREATH graphic novel, he started by deciding to post a drawing a day on Instagram, for 200 days … and it now becomes a heavy 200 PAGES STORY WITHOUT WORDS!

To quote famous artist KLAUS JANSON:                                                                                       

"I was happy to have a chance to look at some of Thierry Martin's work before the book was printed and was knocked out by the wonderful drawings he did! His ability to compose images and infuse them with such feeling reminded me of the best of classic comic book art. His ink line is masterful and expressive! Once I have the book in my hands, I intend to steal everything! "

This huge hardcover graphic novel has a limited print run. It's 208 PAGES long! The round-bound cover will have a rough texture and the title will be hot-stamped. The inside pages will be printed with deep black ink on high-quality paper, Munken Superieur 170 grs. It will be sent in a sheath. (11" by 6,9")

As a special pack for this campaign, the book will be sent with an exclusive limited & signed two colors SCREEN PRINTING (serigraphy 10" by 6"). Printing is on a nice 300 gr art paper from the Fedrigoni House + a BIG POSTER (20" by 10") + a gorgeous set of 8 "Hey Jo!" TRADING CARDS printed on heavy colored card stock paper (4" by 5")!


But a DELUXE EDITION is also proposed! The graphic novel DERNIER SOUFFLEwill arrive with a SECOND 44 pages BOOK, slipped inside the special sheath, entitled WRONG TRAILS & ROUGH STUFF, composed of a selection of abandoned inked images and powerful sketches! Same size as the album, it will be printed on a beautiful 160g offset paper and square-bound.

Exclusive bonus of this Deluxe version: 5 PRINTS (8 x 5 inches) art giclee-printed on a Japanese envelope (with a nice Last Breath STAMP on it)!



Both versions of the book can be obtained adorned with beautiful high level BLACK & WHITE (ink and brush) or COLORS (watercolors) SKETCHES personalized with your name! Examples there:


The fans will have their LAST CHANCE here to obtain the very last copies of the famous ARTBOOK of Thierry Martin we published in 2016: HORS CADRE! In a 10.23' x 11' format, it contains EVERYTHING done by Thierry Martin ... or close enough. His short stories, editorial cartoons for Spirou, his illustrations, watercolors and many other things. The book comes with a large folded poster "Tribute to Moebius" inserted inside the flap, size 9.45' x 21.25'! A MUST HAVE!


To make this ULULE campaign exceptional, THIERRY MARTIN gives us the pleasure and the honor to offer 20originalart plates of LAST BREATH, as well as their corresponding pencil versions. You now can own a work of art! The beautiful inking, enhanced with white gouache, marks a new stage in the work of the artist.

These one of a kind original pieces are, of course, all signed by Thierry Martin.

The boards are about 8" by 5".


Depending on the results, these levels will allow ALL contributors to collect additional bonuses that cannot be found after this operation. They are exclusive to this Ulule campaign! It is our way to thank you for your contribution. Watch out ! Some heavy stuff there :)

150 pre-sales: Surprise addition, and a tribute  ... from a famous artist !

300 pre-sales: Mystery Poster #2, a perfect companion to the first one !

600 pre-sales: a 3 badges bundle

+ 1000 pre-sales: we are not there yet … but it will be huge!

What are the funds for?

Born in 2012, Black and White Editions proved their way in the making of high end graphic novels, and limited printing run books. The artistic level presented in the work  of Thierry Martin made us try a new adventure : the creation of an all new book, never published before. This is what our publishing house was made for. The book will be available in June 2019

This campaign will serve to help paying the book making, printing and shipping costs, the artist, the adds, Ulule fee... and that's a way to offer goodies and sketches on some copies ;)

About the project owner

Born in Lebanon, Thierry Martin discovered the world of comics  and movies, when he arrived in France, with Franquin, Moebius, Terry Gilliam,  Hitchcock,  Miyazaki... He graduated from Les Beaux Arts, went to Les Goblins in Paris and worked on some animation projects (tv and movies). He found his real path and taste with storytelling! He’s been working with Spirou and Fluide Glacial magazines, as well as some well known publishers : DELCOURT, FUTUROPOLIS, GLÉNAT, SOLEIL/ Noctambule, and LA GOUTTIÈRE. Black and White editions did a gorgeous artbook about his work in 2016.

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