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Inde feature film by Michaël d'Auzon

  • We keep going !

    Dear contributors of SINCE THE SUN HAS BURNED,

    to the day of today you are 103 people to have participated in the crowdfunding of this particular cinema project, and thanks to you, 9.305,00 euros have been collected.

    Thank you very much for your support and your generosity !

    Our campaign just came to the end, and the financial goal we set was not achieved. According to the crowdfunding's rules, your donation will be automatically refunded by Ulule by transfer, within 72 working hours.

    This campaign was an opportunity for us to highlight our work, share it, and create a real community around our creative process. And you are now part of this communitiy.

    Far from feeling disappointed, we feel like we did a big step froward, and feel stronger because we know you by our side. We also realize that the short and fast time of the crowdfunding, opposes the long time with which this film is built patiently and with the greatest care since its origins. Some of you have suggested a longer period to help us better. So we thought of a more suitable solution.

    From today on we keep going, and the goal of shooting next winter is maintained !

    We are currently setting up a PayPal pool. It is unlimited, secure, and free (no commission fees). In a few days, the time for you to be refunded by Ulule, we will send you the link of this pool by email, and invite you to redo your donation, and to reaffirm your support.

    Also note that the rewards that have been chosen will remain granted.

    Thank you in advance for staying mobilized for a few more days : this sum reached together in only 45 days is an important financial base ! We have no doubt that we will be able to complete it within the next 6 months, and then make the filming at Grillemont Castle possible. SINCE THE SUN HAS BURNED will be.

    Michaël d'Auzon & all the crew

  • An enthusiastic community

    Since a month, nearly 4000 visitors have viewed the Ulule page of Since the sun has burned,

    nearly 750 subscribed to the film's Facebook page,

    and we have raised 25% of our financial goal thanks to you!

    There is still a way to go until filming in the Grillemont castle, but the enthusiastic community you are today is the best asset for us.

    Financing an auteur cinema project by alternative means is a daring process, based on a vision, and intimate convictions. Sharing them with as many people as possible is our first wish, and you can help us.

    There are 11 days left before the end of this campaign,

    11 days during which everything remains possible.

    Up to us, to you, to keep contributing to its diffusion !

    Thank you for your commitment on our side,

    Michael d'Auzon & the team Since the sun has burned


  • Behind the scenes

    At the beginning of this week, 20% of our financial goal has been reached. A first step in this crowdfunding, crossed by all of you !

    We are 25 days away from the end of this campaign, a straight line in which we must remain mobilized, and continue to spread the particular spirit of Since the sun has burned around us.

    Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you this video about the staging work of the film, the acting method, and the approach of the characters by the body.

    Unpublished images of rehearsals and making of, that we invite you to spread widely around you !

    Video also to share on the facebook page of the film:




    Thank you all for being with us, artistically,

    Michaël d'Auzon & the whole team of SINCE THE SUN HAS BURNED


  • The first images of the film just revealed !

    Hi everyone,

    last Wednesday many of you were attending to the projection at Commune Image in Saint Ouen, where the first images of the film were revealed ! Thank you for your presence and for the warm talks we had around our work until late in the night. We feel you by our side with a lot of enthousiasm !

    For thoses who couldnt be there, see below some stills of this editing in progress, a very promising object, for which we thank the beautiful work of Lison Sanabria the editor, Pierre Lemaire the sound editor, and Axelle Gonay the color grader.

    To you our firsts supporters believing with us in this ambitious project, thank you so much !

    Thanks to you we have already collected 6000 euros ! To reach our goal and be able to continue the filming, we need you right now to become our ambassadors among your networks. Thanks in advance for helping us to share the link of the Ulule page, each contribution is important, and more news very soon !

    Michaël d'Auzon and the team of SINCE THE SUN HAS BURNED

    Since the sun has burned, editing in progress, stills of the film


  • Open projection of the first images of the movie in Paris !

    Thank you so much for your support and warm messages, thanks to you we've already reached 5000 euros, a bit more than a month before the end of the crowdfunding, and this is very encouraging !

    Next Wednesday, March 27th à 19:30, for those living in Paris or passing by, we will project the editing in progress of the movie, a 20 minutes excerpt on which we're giving the lasts color grading et sound editing touches just for you. It will be preeceded by two short choreographic films that I'll be happy to show for the firts time on a large screen.

    The projection is open to everyone, and you are very welcome to meet us there and have a talk with me and the team at the bar of Commune image, a great place dedicated to cinematographic creation based in Saint Ouen (5 mintues walking distance from Metro Mairie de Saint Ouen).

    Looking forward seeing you there,

    Michaël d'Auzon & the team of SINCE THE SUN HAS BURNED