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Inde feature film by Michaël d'Auzon

About the project

The Ulule crowdfunding campaign is now over but the project keeps going.

To keep supporting us and participate in the film's pool,

visit our website: www.depuisqueloleilabrule.com





An inde feature film currently in shooting, crossed over by the quest of the artist. Enter its poetic universe by financing the next shootings & its finishing :

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" Born from my background as a choreographer & multidisciplinary artist, SINCE THE SUN HAS BURNED, is my first feature film.

Philosophical tale & inner journey, this film project develops an ambitious body, visual & sound poetry, that requires great artistic freedom & organic rythm of creation implying alternative & solidarity financial resources.

For two years, a dedicated team of professionals is supporting me in this long production time of the film, thanks to them the first part has been already shot. I invite you to discover our work & to support this unique project by helping us to finance the shooting of the second part & to finish the film."

Michaël d'Auzon

A tightrope walker fallen from his thread crosses the desert looking for a new equilibrium. A wandering that leads him into a community of artists living in a remote world, where in a suspended time everyone faces the limits of his art.

Poems burned as soon as written, a camera used without roll of film, a canvas eternally repainted ... Is it their quest for truth that pushes the residents of the castle to leave no trace of their work? Is it the absence of public, the expectation of a rebirth, or even an irrepressible taste of the moment?

Among them, the tightrope walker will be confronted with the absurd, then with the encounter of his true inner necessity, the precondition which makes possible his return to the world.


In this sequence, an Angel appears in a dream to the Funambulist after his fall, and asks him to go for the seeking of a new balance., talking to him from a dark place representing the inner world of the artist. The decor that was chosen for this sequence is the Earth Helix, a monumental troglodyte sculpture located in Anjou, created in 1995 by the artist Jacques Warminski, whose uterine forms express with great force the intropective imagination of its creator.



In this part, drinving an old vant through an arid desert, the Funambulist meets the traveler who reveals the existence of the castle. A part reflecting the wandering and the freedom's feeling proper to large spaces. This shooting took place in the Bardenas Reales desert, Navarra, Spain, with a small team, and was made possible by the extraordinary commitment of the team and the volunteers met on the location.


This is the most important part of the film, the heart of the story, that requires the most technical and human resources. It is scheduled for 24 days of shooting during the next winter, and will involve a team of 15 people, 7 actors, and up to 30 extras. In this part will be developed the singular artistic universes of each character of the castle, their interactions, and the meeting of the Funambulist and the Poet who will lead to the resolution of the story.

Spotting pictures at the Grillemont Castle, Touraine, France


This shooting wil be hosted by the Grillemont Castle, a family home located in a vast wooded area in Touraine, France, a unique place that represents for our project the opportunity to benefit at the same place from the interior and exterior decors imagined to the scenario, and to consider a real immersive shoot.

Photographic works by Antoni Taulé, sources of inspiration for the creation of interior decorations and lighting of the castle



After the long shooting of the castle, they are the last sequences that will remain to be shot. Opening and closing of the film, they must be made at the end of shooting for artistic reasons.

Spotting images at Espace Périphérque, a space created by La Villette and the city of Paris, and Porte de Vincennes at the edge of the Paris ring road


The sequence of the circus, where a sparrow will land on the Funambulist's balancer and cause its fall, and the sequence of the apartment, where we'll see him at the end of his journey back to an urban everyday life. They will require 16 days of shooting in a small team, which are planned in the Paris region in the spring of 2020

The universe of this film is between the contemporary fable and the magical realism, in a remote world made of a mixture of concrete reality and irrational situations.

In this universe, the Funambulist has lost equilibrium, the Poet destroys his words, the camera of the Photographer is not charged, the Musician directs an imaginary orchestra, the Composer is struggling with the moment of improvisation, the Painter paints the same canvas indefinitely, the Dancer is motionless …

Nameless characters confronting the limits of the artistic language that characterizes them. Searching for the deep meaning of their vocation, and their place in the world, crossing decors that seem to embody the expression of their inner journey : an obsolete circus, a cave carved with strange motifs, a metaphysical desert, a dilapidated castle cut off from the world by an impenetrable forest...

To give substance to these characters and places, different expressions of contemporary creation are brought together in the film: electroacoustic musical creation, plastic artwork, poetic writing, in situ decor from the art brut, body work with the actors …

The singular artistic approaches in the screenplay, in the work of the image, the sound, the staging, give the film a hybrid dimension where the cinematographic narrative and the performative creation meet.

"The motionless dancer", photographic self portrait by Michaël d'Auzon,  the "Harpapendulair" and the "Bipbipbox", instruments by Bruno Billaudeau, and "Momentum", drawing by Sylvie Lobato

French dancer, choreographer, director and multidisciplinary artist, Michaël d'Auzon has been involved in live performance and visual arts since the mid-90s. After his debut at the Ballet de Lorraine, he is artistic director of Compagnie l'Instant in Nancy , guest choreographer in various European theaters, and independent artist in residence. His work, characterized by a very personal body language, comes on stage, in the form of video installation, photographs, sculptures, artist's films and works of fiction.

IN A FEW DATES : 1999 Winner of the European Pépinières for Young Artists, Helsinki / 2006 Guest choreographer at the Ballet of the Landestheater Innsbruck / 2008 Artist in residence at the French Center of Berlin / 2009 Collective exhibition, Biennale of Contemporary Art, Metz / 2011 Exhibition collective, La Mama Gallery, New York / 2011 Choreographer selected at Reconnaissance, French National Choreographic Centers Competition / 2012 Artist in residence at the Royal Corderie of Rochefort / 2014 Collective exhibition, Mac2000, Paris / 2015 Special Jury Prize, Short Film Festival Armoricourt.



The story of SINCE THE SUN HAS BURNED evokes the confrontation of artist's point of view at the moment of creation. A recurring theme that has been in some of Michaël d'Auzon's works, particularly in his videochoreographies, which testify to the fragile beauty of improvisation in ephemeral encounters of dance and the camera.

Other important themes in the film, such as the pure gesture of the artist, can be brought closer to another dimension of the work of its author, his research around the abstraction. These various works, which were notably the subject of a documentary film directed by Anne Colson in 2015, "The disappearance of the choreographer", are like an archeology of the essence of the body's movement. Here are some extracts.

More about the work of Michaël d'Auzon : www.michaeldauzon.com

HERVÉ GUINOUARD, the Tightrope walker

Actor, circus performer, clown dancer, and comedian performer, Hervé Guinouard is a faithful artistic accomplice of Michaël d'Auzon since their first collaboration in 2014 during a short film. Hervé is committed to providing great availability for this film's first role, which requires several years of filming for him. He shares with the director an bodily approach to the acting work, and nourishes from the origins of the project the Tightrope wlaker character with his experience as a traveling street artist. An experience that led him from the Nanterre Workshops of his beginnings, to go around the world with companies such as Trottoirs du Hazard, Théâtre du Vertige and Compagnie Off.


LILLY EVERS, the Traveler

Lilly is an actress, model, filmmaker, and assistant director and production for film and television. Originally from Congo and Scotland, born in Martinique, trained at the Florent class in Paris, then with the director John Strasberg in New York, she met Michaël d'Auzon in Marseille in 2017, who saw in her an obviousness of energy and body language, and entrusts to her the role of the Traveler who symbolizes in the film the source of life and the awakening.



Renan Prévot is an actor, film student at the University of Paris III, curator in art gallery, and author of documentary films. He met the job of actor at random from a first casting, and found himself propelled in the film Pris de Court by director Emmanuelle Cuau. Followed Only Pirates of Gael Lepinle, and A knife in the heart of Yann Gonzales. At the theater he plays alongside Julie Gayet in Rabbit Hole, creation of Claudia Stavisky for the theater of Celestins. In 2018, he met Michael d'Auzon and became the Angel of the film. A character representing the inner voice of the Tightrope walker, and for which Renan engaged in a preparation mixing a demanding body and vocal work.



Anatoly Vlassov is a French / Russian dancer, choreographer, video artist and art researcher. His unusual career includes snowboarding on the active volcanoes of Kamchatka, the creation of punk music concerts on the Red Square in Moscow, a rave-party in an unfinished nuclear power station in Crimea, choreography with garbage collectors in France , with snow plows in Montreal, and shoe polishers in Bolivia, and a dance of his own organs using a wireless endoscopic camera. Today, he explores the relationships between body and language in a performative practice he calls Phonesia. In the shooting of the castle, he will play the motionless dancer, a character inhabited by an unusual philosophy of disappearance.


MAJA JANTAR, the Musician

Maja Jantar is a multi-lingual Dutch polysonist living in Ghent, Belgium. She has been creating poetic sound and visual works since 1995 throughout Europe in the fields of performance, musical theater, visual arts, and publishing. Co-founder of Krikri, a collaborator of Crew theater, actor and director Ewout d'Hoore, and Belgian poet Vincent Tholomé, Maja Jantar has also directed ten operas, including Incoronatione di Poppea by Monteverdi and contemporary opera Infinito Nero de Sciarrino. During the filming, she will play an amazed musician who devotes her time to directing an imaginary orchestra.

The rest of the cast is currently in progress. It includes the characters of the Poet, the Photographer, and the Painter. We will inform you here of the arrival of the newcomers.


Composer in electroacoustic music, instrument creator, and musician performer, Bruno Billaudeau is both the composer of the film's music, and his interpreter in the scenes. In the shooting of the castle, he will be the Composer, a character struggling with the moment of improvisation.

Bruno collaborated with the art of dance for 17 years, creating for many choreographers music made in the studio. Currently, he designs and creates unique instruments, which allow him to develop sounds and their treatments live during his concerts. It is with these instruments with evocative names, the Celloharpa, the Spiriale, the Harpapendulair, the Flybox, the Excelsior, that he engaged in the adventure of the first feature film of Michael d'Auzon which he is a artistic accomplice for many years.

More about Bruno's work: www.bruno-billaudeau.fr



CLAUDIA JENATSCH, costume designer

Claudia sets her costume design for the film as a gestation. Drawn and made over filming in close collaboration with the director, his costumes are characterized by a timeless style and a particular sensitivity to the movements of the actors. Since the beginning of the project, Claudia brings to the film the experience of her creative career, acquired at the Théâtre du Soleil in the sculpture studio of Erhard Stiefel, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, in her collaborations with the scenographers Gilles Aillaud, Wilfried Minks and Karl-Ernst Herrmann, and in his work for theater, dance and opera at the Avignon Festival, at the Lille Opera, the Dijon Opera, the Festival of Aix-en-Provence, the French Comedy.


Sylvie Lobato leads a pictorial work where the body is both a motive and a driving element. Through oil paintings, drawings, installations, collaborations with poets for artists' books, works with dance in the form of performances, she examines the body in motion and gives it a passionate, wild and voluptuous vision. Several of Sylvie's drawings appear in the film, and she collaborated in the preparation of shooting in Spain as an artistic advisor by transmitting her gestures to Lilly Evers for the drawing scenes.

More about the work of Sylvie Lobato: www.sylvie-lobato.com


Anna Serra is an author, poet, translator of Catalan and Italian poetry, organizer of events dedicated to contemporary poetry, and founder of Radio O and Revue Or which are dedicated to the oral practices of poetry. Her approach of creation, characterized by a lightning writing and a practice of the performed text, resonates with the universe of the film to which she lends her words, including extracts from "Mont Reine" published by Supernova in 2015, and from "Dehors Dehors" published in 2019 by Lanskine, which inspired the title of the film.

More about Anna Serra's work: www.annaserra.fr


JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BEAUVALLET, director of photography

Passionate about the language of the framing and light, Jean-Christophe puts his experience at the service of the film, joining the team in 2018 for the preparation and conception of the shooting in the castle. After making his debut at Films d'ici where he discovered the world of documentary film, he became assistant for director of photography Caroline Champetier and Julien Hirsch on André Techiné's films, Jean luc Godard, Arnaud Despallieres, Pierre Shoeller, then director of the photography for feature and documentary films, including Jeremy Banster's "The Pure Life" "Emmanuel Roy's Part of Fire", "the invitation" by Michaël Cohen, "12000" by Nadège Trebal.


Lison has been editing the film's images since 2017, in an approach that accompanies his particular production process involving back and forth between the different shootings, and the sensitive listening of the images in the editing room. Trained at the University Paul Valéry in Montpellier, on several short film shoots, then on editing at the University Lumière in Lyon, she then worked as assistant editor especially with Les Films d'Ici on, among others,"Austerlitz" a movie by Stan Neumann, edited by Louise Decelle, then the worked for Chapka film, Vendôme Production, TS Productions, Topshot Films, on features films, documentary and short films, alongside among others, editors Louise Decelle, Pauline Casalis and Alexandre Donot.

ANISSA VACHON, staging assistant

Actress, dancer, chi gong teacher Sheng Zhen she practices since childhood, and trained in cinema at the École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle in Paris, Anissa assists Michaël d'Auzon since the beginning of the project in the setting scene, especially during the castings and the preparation work of the bodies in studio. She also puts her various talents at the service of the film by being a decorator, a dresser, a hairdresser and a make-up artist according to the needs of the shootings.


and also


In my career, through performing arts and visual arts, I have long practiced improvisation, which, beyond being a form of artistic expression, is for me a discipline of the mind and a principle of life. It is a practice that taught me the presence of oneself, as well as weighing the accuracy of every gesture, of every word uttered, whether in the writing of a work, of which it is the foundation , or in life. It has also become the central theme of my work as an author that I have been developing for many years now & that I call the seeking for inner necessity.

Writing the script of this film, lets me to express this theme's stakes that I matured for a long time, in a cinematographic narrative form directed to all. To tell a trip, taking the viewer into a world of tales, a universe where I could talk about what the artist is looking for in his creative process, and at the same time make it the metaphorical image of a larger question, the profound meaning of every vocation.

The characters I imagined, their quest for the absolute, their need to move away from the world to give meaning to their actions, are also coming to my mind from our time. The story perhaps lies, at least I hope, in resonance with a world where emerges a need to find time again, to stop our race forward, and to face our true inner aspirations, rather than be sucked by the flow of outside pressures, which is also one of the film's theme.

I wish to develop a body, visual and sound poetry in the film, which can transmit to the viewer the perception of a certain pace, the rhythm of listening to the attentive & caring world. It is a very strong and ambitious formal desire, which takes time. Design time, search time, intuitive back and forth between the different stages of filmmaking.

Along with my team, we have chosen to work according to an organic pace that allows cinema to be a real creative space, and if the independence that this rhythm requires in terms of production presents challenges to be met, it gives above all the possibility of being coherent with an artistic authenticity of which we hope that this film will be the testimony.

Michaël d'Auzon

By contributing financially to the making of this movie you make a great choice, allowing an inde cinema to exist, and by building with us a relationship of trust based on our commitment to produce a work of quality, and to approach partners who will work on promotion and broadcast with ambition and exigency.

small poster of the film printed on watercolor paper, with at the back the access to stream the film online, from 25€ on

As a contributor you will also be our first viewers and have a privileged access to the movie and to the stages of its production. To thank you for your support, we agreed on artistic rewards, allowing you to acquire works directly from the universe of the movie :


zoom                                                   zoom                                                  zoom


Mixed technics on paper by Sylvie Lobato, digital print on poster paper, limited edition of 10 copies. Sizes 20 x 30, 75 €, and 60 x 80 cm, 150 €




zoom                                                   zoom                                                  zoom


Digigraphie (digital printing with pigment ink on art paper), limited edition of 10 copies, sizes 20 x 30, 250 €, and 60 x 80 cm, 500 €.




sculpture N°1 : FLIGHT, enamelled terracotta raku height 20 cm, 1000 € (zoom)


sculpture N°2 : SUSPENDED TIME, enamelled terracotta raku height 20 cm, 1000 € (zoom)


sculpture N°3 : THE ANGEL IS LISTENING, enamelled terracotta raku height 25 cm, 1250 € (zoom)


sculpture N°4 : THE PURE ACT, enamelled terracotta raku height 25 cm, 1250 € (zoom)


sculpture N°5 : THE HAWKER, enamelled terracotta raku height 30 cm, 1500 € (zoom)


sculpture N°6 : THE MUSICIAN, enamelled terracotta raku height 30 cm, 1500 € (zoom)


sculpture N°7 : THE TIGHTROPE WALKER, enamelled terracotta raku height 40 cm, 3000 € (zoom)

What are the funds for?

The shooting of a part of the movie has started in autumn 2017, in Spain, thanks to the sale of director’s sculptures and to the voluntary and solidarity participation of a team of professionals.

The adventure continued in August 2018 in the Helice Terrestre site in Anjou (France), in the same spirit of independence and freedom of creation.

Meanwhile, an editing work of the first pictures has been made. It has been shown, feelings have been shared, and it has been confirmed that something beautiful was happening, that the film desired by the director shaped under the eyes of all.

That leads to a new ambition, to the will to federate new partners, mostly financial, so that the movie can continue to be made with the same requirement level, but also benefit from theatrical release. Approaches are now underway.

However, the movie must continue to be made by hook or by crook. And, by its formal singularity and its own language totally devoted to art, it continues to be a cinematographic object which belongs to an apart movies category: the one of the ones that always battles to exist and be broadcast.

For these reasons, crowdfunding appeared to us as an alternative and adapted solution of financing, in the way that it also gathers around the movie a community of supporters and future viewers who are sensitive to the existence of "another" cinema. And this community is you!

Two weeks of shooting have already been done in Spain and Anjou (France). There are still six left, at the Castle of Grillemont in Touraine (France) and around Paris. During this time of shooting, artists and technicians of the movie need to get the work conditions to, on the one hand, satisfy the artistic requirement of the movie then, above all, to find in this adventure a real source of creative fulfillment. In short, what to eat well, sleep well, get warm, and work well.


This amount corresponds to:

- 4,500 euros for sets and costumes

- 9.500 euros for the rental of technical means (camera, light, sound and machinery)

- 18.400 euros for transport, accommodation and meals

- 2.600 euros for the Ulule commission (8%)


In addition to the 24 days at the castle, are added 16 days of shooting around Paris for the sequences of the circus and the apartment. This amount corresponds to:

- 7,500 euros for sets and costumes

- 14,500 euros for the rental of technical means (shooting, light, sound and machinery)

- 24,300 euros for transport, accommodation and meals

- 3,700 euros for the Ulule commission (8%)


In addition to make the shooting in its entirety, this amount will also finance the entire post-production, namely:

image and sound editing, image calibration, mixing and masters editing.


To remunerate people will permit to get an approval from the CNC (National Center of Cinematography) which will facilitate the theatrical release of the movie.

If, thanks to you, this campaign is a success (we believe it strongly!), it will also make us known from movie producers and distributors who, if they are seduced by the singularity of the project, will be able to give it more resources in its last stages of production, then broadcast it in the festivals until a release in theaters. This would be the greatest reward for all team members and you'll be the first to know!


The whole team of the movie thanks warmly all the people that helped us since the begining of the project.

For their work and welcoming support in organizing the Spain shooting : Ifan & Armelle Pierce, Monica Campos Rodrigues & Museum of th Railroad Castejon, Franciso Gijon from Riberbox, Idoya Delgado Berrueta, the city of Arguedas Navarre, the natural park of Bardenas Reales, Reyes Barrero Herrero from Casa Rural Piskerra, Daniel & Paulette Guinouard, La Recyclage Lodèvois, Richard De Vos, Créative Régie,

For their work and support in organizing the shooting in Anjou : la Salle Dodue, The Earth Helix, Bernadette Alberti, Aurore Besson & all the members of the association Artodytespace, Hugues Claude Ledaire de Nigremont,

La Luna Production & Sebastien Hussenot for his logistical & administrative help

For hosting us & helping to the prepration & the trails in Touraine, the Grillemont Castle, Eléonore de Saint Seine, Chantal de Saint Seine, Isabelle & Franck Renard, Caroline Forestier, Robert & Béatrice Lacheret,

For their caring presence and their support, Lucie d'Auzon, Michel d'Auzon, Robert Renard, Françoise et Nicole Miteff, Françoise Coré, Virginie Moitessier, Arnaud Simon, Jan Sitta, Vladimir Leon, Charles Jaeger, Philippe Dieuzaide, Hervé Derain, Alain Meublat, Chantal Hou, Morgane Moal, Behi Djanati Ataï, le café Les Foudres, Louis Bidou, Alexis Del Castillo, Sameh Saad, Davide Sportelli, Lorenzo Brusci, Sanja Kosonen,

and all the people who participated to the castings, Morgane De Vargas, Aura Coben, Rozenn Djonkovitch, Jade Saget, Junko Murakami, Maud Gamelon, Maud Sambuis, Teddy Bogaert, Carl Frayne, Leopoldine Enjolras.

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