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The Debian Administrator's Handbook

Debian Squeeze from discovery to mastery

  • Kristian Tizzard

    Hi Raphael,

    I donated 10 euros for an ebook and then 40 for a nominal mention in the book. I'd love to show my nominal thankyou to my mum, but other wise don't want any rewards.


  • Alonso

    I would like to change it to no reward.

  • Ambrose Andrews

    Hi Raphaël,

    In two different transactions, I selected firstly the paperback with 5 years of e-book(s), and secondly the 'prospective debian contributor' option. The first 'reward' option I'm inclined to hang on to, but the second (EU60+) mentoring and package review I would like to reclassify entirely into the liberation fund. Thx.


  • benoitberenger

    I gave 20 euros (ebook 5 years) please change to "no reward" thanks

  • Marcos Mezo

    I choosed the 5 euro ebook + 15 Eur to the liberation fund (20 Euro in total). Please change to no-reward then.

    Thank you.

  • Allan Jensen

    Please change my donation to "no reward"

  • Peter Vos

    Hi Raphaël,

    I donated € 40, probably 20 euro for the ebook+ and 20 euro to the lib fund. Please change my donation to 35 euro to lib fund and 1 ebook.

  • Raphaël HertzogCreator

    @agmenor, done, thank you!

  • Agmenor

    Hello Raphaël,

    I gave 10 €, very probably with the ebook reward. As you said, I will be given an ebook anyway, so please change my support into a no-reward one. Thank you!

  • Raphaël HertzogCreator

    @foo-bar, thanks, you initially picked up the 20 EUR reward (which left 30 EUR for the liberation fund). Now with the 40 EUR one that includes 35 EUR in the liberation fund, there will be 45 EUR in the liberation fund. Your choice has been recorded.

  • foo-bar


    I donated 50 EUR to this project, but couldn't remember (or find out) which reward I picked.
    If it's not already, and it's possible to change it, change it to the 40+ award

    "Thanked nominally in the book" ... and donate the 45 (or is it 50 then) to the liberation-fund.