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Deathcode Society - The Armageddon Carnival

Live Album

About the project

These last years, we've played a lot of concert and performed in a couple of great places in Europe. We had shot a couple of performances but never had the time to multitrack our concerts - but on one only occasion.

The venue where the recording occured is highly symbolic, since it is a place our very first rehearsal session as a complete band took place, in 2013.

"Le Brise Glace" - The Icebreaker is not only a rehearsing complex, but also a concert hall, the band performed there on the 27th of April, 2017, and all the sources were recorded.

When we finished the gig, the technician told us we could go back home with the multitrack. It was good to know, but releasing that stuff was not our top priority, and never was, until the brutal trespassing of our guitarist Franz in March this year made us change our mind.

Then, we kind of suddently remembered being in possession of professionnal live recordings that slept in a hard drive. We exhumed the files, went through them and came to the conclusion it was possible to get something interesting out of them. We took our time to mix and master everything so we can today share it with the ones who have been supporting and following the band since we started. Obviously, everybody will notice it was not recorded in a stadium. It is precisely not the purpose of our music and of that live album to sound like a blockbuster.

This album is an humble testimony of what DEATHCODE SOCIETY deliver. No overdub, no editing, pure honesty, passion and devotion to Art. That's why it is a rare piece of music, especially today. And it is even rarer due to the fact it is, unfortunately, the last tribute we can pay to our fallen brother.

The live album contains the following songs

1- The Mark of Cain

2- NooS

3- The Inner Vortex

4- Pandaemonium 1.1

5- Pigrimage

6- Seraphic Requiem

7- Nails

Artwork by MISANTHROPIC ARTS & Charles Boisard (handwritten calligraphy work)

What are the funds for?

This is a pre-order campaign

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