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The cycle awaits

  • Rewards incoming!

    Hello backers,

    I know it's been a while and way too much time.
    The main subject of the day is the rewards.

    "Better later than never"... there are surely a lot of expressions to comment that inexcusable late. But the most important is that they are now ready to ship!
    The first batch will be sent on thursday.

    I am also doing this news to warn backers who should receive rewards, that if you think you might have change your address or moved, don't hesitate to tell us your new address by message or by sending us an email at [email protected]

    Thanks to all of you.


  • DeadCore is finished!

    This is where we are:
    DeadCore is finally going to be released on October 17.
    After weeks and weeks of intense work, DeadCore has become something we never dreamed of.
    We can't wait for your to experience all of the content and functions that have been added to the game.

    The main story mode consists of 5 main levels (+1 final level).You'll be able to collect 13 additional levels (sparks) in speedrun mode (3 of which were designed by backers), thirty-four songs with a tracklist that will allow you to play your favorite DeadCore tracks, 30 illustrated logs to add another dimension to the game and finally, different power-ups and boosts to improve your skills and record.

    These improvements on skills will prove to be useful to complete all the levels requiring dash, blast, rocket jump and gravity switch.

    Lastly,there's a rumor that something will be revealed to the brave who finish the campaign and collect all of the sparks.

    Check out the new teaser:

    We'll be getting in touch with you soon regarding your rewards and the release of the game. Thank you all for your support!

    5 Bits Games

  • April Great Reveal!

    Hello everybody,


    Today is an important day for the project: indeed, we are proud to announce that we have decided to team up with Bandai Namco Games to publish DeadCore on Steam.


    With the support of their teams we will be able to finish the game in good conditions and also to add support for several others languages in addition to French and English.


    What difference does it make to you, our early supporters? Well, nothing except that now you are assured to get a Steam key of the game as, right now, we can say for sure that DeadCore will definitely be released on it!


    In parallel we keep making progress on the development: a new update is available on Desura and fixes some recent bugs, but should also suppress your saved game… You know… The joys of alpha version ^^
    Still, we invite you to download it should really enhance your play experience.


    The 4th level should be available soon: you will be able to have fun with Magnetic Platforms and Mosquitos, we are sure you will like it!


    And for those who may attend the Stunfest in Rennes, you may want to know that Antoine our programmer will be showcasing DeadCore there with his magic beard (pay him a beer and he will let you play the 4th level before everyone…).


    That's all for now, we will let you know as soon as there is new stuff.


    See you later,


    Team 5 Bits Games.

  • DeadCore V0.4 released!

    Hello everyone,

    We are finally back from the GDC which was brief but intense!

    Being there was like a dream and in the end there were dozens of player from North America (but not only!) that were able to play DeadCore and globally all of them have enjoyed struggling with some obstacles just to improve their time.

    So good feedback in definitive that gives us a huge boost for the final rush!

    By the way, even if San Francisco was great we kept working hard on the game and you'll be able to see that by yourself if you try to update your version of DeadCore: yes, there is a new version available on Desura!

    This update fixes lots of bugs present in the previous one and features new menus as well as 2 more Sparks to unlock in Level 3.

    Maybe you're thinking it's not that much but in fact these additions involved setting up lots of elements related to the game overall architecture: simply put, now we have all we need to create Collectibles to find in levels, to create Achievements, Logs etc… So be prepared to discover that soon!

    That's almost all folks: we should also release Level 4 soon as it is almost complete and only needs a good 'lick of paint' to be as sexy as possible (trust us, it will be!).

    We are also currently modeling the QuadCore, the last enemy of the game and the one our premium backers had voted for during the last poll: you will find a preview of it in the image attached to this news, and yes, we put up a smokescreen on purpose to tease you a little bit.

    Speaking of premium backers: expect a new poll coming in the following weeks : )

    We wish you a nice day, evening, afternoon depending on your current time zone and as always, we want to thank you for your support, we are really counting on your feedback to improve the game so don't hesitate to contact us!

    Team 5-Bits Games.

  • Deadlock changes its name and goes to GDC 2014!



    As often we have multiple news to announce today, one bad and two good.
    As said in the title, Deadlock changes its name to DeadCore.

    Why, you may ask?

    Just a question of intellectual property rights. There is already a trademarked brand for Deadlock for a real time strategy videogame.
    We hope that you don’t mind the change and that you like the new one, because it can open a bright future for DeadCore!

    Now here is the first good news. We are proud to announce that DeadCore will be present at the GDC 2014 event in San Francisco (Game developer Conference). We are invited by Unity to showcase the game on their booth.

    The second good news is that the next update of DeadCore Alpha should be published right after the event. If things go well, you will be able to see the next level in Story mode: it features a new enemy and magnetic platforms that will turn your mind upside down!
    You will be also able to unlock two new Spark levels hidden in level 03. In the end you will be able to play 4 story levels and 6 spark levels in SpeedRun mode in the next release.

    It’s been nearly two months since the last update because we had to change some important features of the game, like the menus, to fit the new amount of content of the game. Those changes will be of course included in the next release.

    We are still working hard on the game to match a final release this year.

    We will be proud to present DeadCore to the world next week in San Francisco, keeping in mind that this wouldn’t have happened without you, our backers.

    Thanks a lot!