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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Short film by Lieve Oomen

About the project

Hi there! Welcome! Thanks for taking a look at the crowdfunding page of my new project 'The Hanging Gardens of Babylon'. Read all about it below!



One evening RO, an impulsive young woman who lives her life as free as possible and travels around to find her happiness, is kicked out of the last train without her stuff. MANUEL, a man in his mid-40s who has accepted that he will never be happy, is at that moment visiting the train tracks hoping to find the courage to jump. There is no other option for Ro than to stay at Manuels house for the night and they spend the next day together. Manuel flourishes by being around the bustling Ro who stands up against the establishment and turns everything into an adventure: she makes him feel young again and makes him experience fun. The calmness and the almost unconditional friendship that Manuel exudes makes Ro feel secure and less restless. They notice that they are struggling with the same things and that makes this short encounter one  they will never forget.



"The Hanging Gardens of Babylon" is about two people who are concerned with their happiness in their own way, and about the impact that a brief encounter can have.

The hanging gardens of Babylon are one of the seven classic wonders of the world just like the pyramid of Cheops and the Colossus of Rhodes, but have in all likelihood never existed unlike those wonders. I find it so fascinating that an invented ideal image, a fata morgana can be on a list of world wonders and that there are infinitely many theories devised by people about these gardens. That is why the hanging gardens of Babylon are in my eyes the perfect metaphor for the ultimate happiness: an elusive and almost untraceable wonder that occupies the minds.

If you ask someone what he or she wants most to be or become, the answer is 9 out of 10: happy. But the strange thing is that there is actually no ultimate formula for happiness; you can have everything your heart desires and still be unhappy. Does ultimate happiness even exist? I find this very interesting and I want to tell a story about it. Ro's character is a big part of me: I am also very concerned with happiness. I also want a life as exciting, interesting and happy as possible. I also like to do crazy things to feel that I am alive and to make me feel happier. This endless search of Ro is therefore also my own search.


What are the funds for?

Making a film unfortunately costs a lot of money. Think of transport costs, renting camera equipment, catering, locations, insurance ... And in the scenario there are, among other things, a zoo and a train carriage, well ... We really need your help!

Concerned but hopeful director:

About the project owner

My name is Lieve Oomen, I am 22 years old and I am a student in Television directing at the Royal Institute of Theatre Cinema and Sound. I am originally from the Netherlands, but I'm already feeling very much at home in Brussels for a couple of time. My big dream is to earn my living as a fiction director. As a screenwriter / director I do not limit myself to certain themes or genres: for example, in my RITCS career I have already made a musical film, a film for children and a pilot episode of a drama series. I do want to contribute in particular to increasing the number of strong, lifelike female (main) characters in fiction. I do not shy away from challenges in my projects, and no matter how impossible something may seem: I guarantee that it will succeed. So I can promise you, "The Hanging Gardens of Babylon" will not disappoint you!


Want to see some of my previous work? View my bachelor thesis here, pilot episode 'Oh die zee':


And with great pleasure I present you my fantastic crew:

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