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Datalove USB drives to reform EU copyright

Let's urge EU policy-makers to adapt copyright to the digital age, by sending them USB drives full of datalove!

  • Datalove keys: EPIC SUCCESS

    Hello to all, 
    The distribution of the USB Datalove drives just taken place in the European Parliament! The operation required three days and involved six people, who met each MEP (or their assistants) one by one, to distribute the USB drives and discuss of a copyright reform. Some photos and notes are here:
    These exchanges were very rewarding, and USB drives were welcomed with surprising enthusiasm, even by MEPs generally opposed to our proposals. The victory against ACTA and these encouraging signs call us to work harder in order to call for the reform in the months to come.
    Once again, thanks to the 237 supporters, to La Quadrature volunteers who participated in the preparation of the USB drives (especially Thibault, Oriane, Manu, David et Benjamin), and of course, to those who have distributed them: Oriane, David, Benoit and André.

    If you want to keep helping us moving our ideas forward, La Quadrature du Net, April, and Framasoft just started a common fundraising campagn. The three associations need your support to continue to defend kittens, our freedoms and free software. Do not hesitate to contribute and disseminate information around you:
    La Quadrature du Net
  • News


    Don't worry, we have not forgotten you! ;) 
    We just received a first batch of the Datalove USB drives \o/
    The final order is done, we're waiting for the delivery.
    We'll send the rewards to Ulule suporters right away, and we'll let you know how the distribution to the MEPs went.
    Thanks again for your participation to this project, 
    La Quadrature


  • 7 hours left!

    Hi all!

    This is the last day to fund our datalove usb drive project: we reached 10,000 € today, thanks to all of you :)

    You still have 7 hours to tell about it and get people here. Goodies are still available, of course! All the money raised beyond the 7,500 € will be used to fund La Quadrature du Net's activities.
    Here is a first glance of what will be our next action :

    The keys will be produced in the next days, then brought to the EU Parliament and shipped to the supporters. Stay tuned!

    Thanks again for your support,


    La Quadrature du Net

  • Thank you !


    Our project reached the objective of 7500€, which means we will actually be able to order and distribute those lovely USB drives: many thanks to all of you!

    But the project is not over. The money raised from now on will be used to fund La Quadrature du Net's activity, which means, basically, funding staffers, paying our rent, funding volunteers' fees, etc.

    Supporters can still get Datalove USB keys, tshirts, stickers, etc. until the Ulule project ends on Oct. 3rd.

    You can keep helping us by telling about us and the datalove USB drives around you.

    Thanks again,


    La Quadrature du Net