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In the "Dark"

Whareagar Studio's first short film !

About the project

«In the "Dark"» is a short film of ten minutes produced by Whareagar Studio. The screenplay was written by Nathan Tremblay.


Adza wakes up in a strange place that se doesn't know, called "The Dark", where she will meet Serve, a funny individual. To hope to get out, she will have to relive the events that brought her there. Will she be able to?


  1. 100% ($ 500) : The short film «In the "Dark"» is funded !
  2. 125% ($ 625) The trailer for the short film  «In the "Dark"» is added to the DVD supplements!
  3. 150% ($ 750): A commented version by the director and the actors of the short film is added to the DVD supplements!
  4. 175% ($ 875): French subtitles are added to the short film!
  5. 200% ($ 1000): The novel «In the "Dark"» will be written and sold thanks to an Ulule campaign!
  6. 225% ($ 1,125): English subtitles are added to the short film!
  7. 250% ($ 1,250): A short film in the medieval world of Wharegar is funded!
  8. 275% ($ 1375): A mini short film complementary to «In the "Dark"» exclusive to the DVD will be shot and added to the supplements!
  9. 300% ($ 1,500): We have the short film «In the "Dark"»  dubbed in English!

What are the funds for?

The funding will be used to feed the actors, create counterparts and pay the Ulule commission and the unexpected.

8% for the Ulule commission.

15% for the unexpected.

38% to feed the actors.

39% for the creation of counterparties.

About the project owner

Hello, good night,

You are probably wondering what Whareagar Studio is. Well, it's a company that produces short films and stories in 2 forms of universe.

The Whareagar universe is a medieval fantasy world where magic reigns.

The second universe is all that relates to the contemporary world. «In the "Dark"» is part of this universe.

This is what Whareagar Studio is. We hope you enjoy reading or watching our productions.

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