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Hair Made Materials

About the project


The hair is re- imagined by Dalilab as an available in large amounts and renewable

resource, as an alternative to traditional materials, more and more expensive and for

years involved in a great revolution: a revolution that is making research and

development of the new so-called “bio” products more and more rapid and it is paving

the way for the use of new natural fibers for a more sustainable world.

The particular felt, developed by Dalilab, lends itself to multiple uses and applications

taking full advantage of the versatility of the product and of the physico - chemical

properties of the fibers of which it is composed.

Dalilab felt is, first of all, an ideal material for building according to the principles of

green architecture. Elastic and breathable, it is an excellent climatizing fiber against the

cold and the heat and it possesses a remarkable hygroscopic capability.

In the Oriental societies hair symbolize the body and the spirit, because it is believed that

they are the place of the soul.

Dalilab explores the potential of human hair beyond the mere cosmetic industry’s

application for the creation of new materials with amazing properties and beauty.

Using the hair scrap blocks, Dalilab reuses this precious fiber giving it a second life

through the exploitation of the unique features of extensibility, resistance, absorption,

hygroscopicity and swelling for the realization of the first 100 % bio insulating felt.


With the world's population that should grow to exceed 8 billion people in the

next 15 years, the human hair is in many ways a perfect and sustainable resource:

They grow up to 16 times faster than many woods, and they are also incredibly strong. A

single filament can support up to 100 grams without breaking. Despite these advantages,

there are currently very few ways in which the hair is usefully used in the Western world

excluding the production of wigs.

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What are the funds for?

The financial objective we hope to achieve with this crowdfunding will allow us to:

• finance research and development of the product

• our felt in hair fiber will assume all the insulating properties to permit its competitive positioning on the market

• cover the costs of production and distribution of all the rewards to all contributors around Italy. Added to this are the commission expenses of Ulule (8 % ) + paypal (3% ).

About the project owner


Mariano Iannotta: Degree in Management Engineering of logistics

and production and advanced near-graduate in Management Engineering at the

University of Naples "Federico II". He is doing an experimental thesis in "systems for

business management" in Portugal on the identification of a model of knowledge

management for companies in the startup phase.

He also conducted a research project between the University "Federico II" and the

Unione Industriali of Naples relating to the evaluation of the skills required to

Neapolitan companies in the pursuit of their business objectives.

He was the founder and coordinator of numerous cultural and sport projects funded by

the Province of Benevento. He has a long experience as a sport manager. Business

management expert and passionate about Human Resource Management he is currently 

president of ASD The Arca Sport and Culture, working in the municipality of

Montesarchio (BN).

He will take care of the activities of Supply Chain Management and of the relations with the

outside world

Carmine Fiorillo: Near-graduate in Computer Engineering at the University of Sannio in

Benevento. Expert of web-marketing and business manufacturing systems. He

collaborated in the development of e - commerce platforms for different companies in

Campania. He possesses excellent knowledge of the major programming languages (C, C

++, C # , Objective C, Java, PHP, HTML, Python etc.). He is expert in the realization of

mobile applications for all major platforms (Android, Mobile Windows and Ios). He is

also fond of Telecommunications in amateur fields.

He will take care of the management of the information process, implementation of new

technologies and management of the existing ones.