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The community mobile app that relays in real time the every day life information, an all-in-one map.

About the project

- Cywat is a mobile app that gathers the information of every day life, an all-in-one map.

- What is the information relayed on the map ?

- Cywat is a friendly map that has your interests at heart, and that wishes to make your everyday life easier. Much easier.

- Well, alright. But what is this information ?

- Cywat is all of you. A community.

- Awesome. And this information ? What is it ?

- Cywat... Presents you those 5 kinds of information in 5 videos!

▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼

          1. The opening hours of shops in real time

      2. The promotion and highlight of businesses from numerous industries by owners

      3. Communication from state and regional authorities of national or local events

          4. Event or accident reports with its news feed in real time

5. Location sharing in real-time between friends and relatives

▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼

To recap, Cywat is an all-in-one app, an intuitive platform for sharing information in real time between community's members. We have a whole lot of ideas for development... 

Well, as for now, are you Cywat ? 

What are the funds for?

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About the project owner

We are two young workers, in the professional world for more than two years, as consultants in organisation, specialized in the financial sector (banks, insurance companies, asset managers). 

Passionate about start-ups, we challenged each other (but not only, we have also our relatives to thank for that!) before getting to where we are now, with our app proposition.

The idea came to mind while looking for an open supermarket on a bank holiday. We went driving round and round in circle for more than an hour. At that moment, we realized something: it is crazy not to have precise opening hours of a shop or public institution nowadays, at a time when there are more and more exchanges of information that are quicker and quicker

It was a year ago, and since then, the idea evolves into a concrete solution. We worked hard to create real added value for the ideas we had in mind, and 7 months ago, we took the plunge and made it concrete.  

We thought the app through, deeply, doing the design by ourselves and elaborating all the functionalities in order to create the most intuitive user experience possible.

We like to get to know the people we are working with, we believe you do too ! Here are our Linkedin profiles :

Charlotte Poirier

Pierre-Alexandre Mesnil

You want to like us? So do we ! Follow us and share us on social networks ! 

Thank you for taking the time to read and to watch our project's description !


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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