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Pedaleur de Flandres Cycling Cafe

Cycling hotspot Ghent

About the project

The Pedaleur de Flandres Cycling Cafe will be the hotspot for cyclists in the center of Ghent. The Cycling Cafe will be more than just a cafe. We'll be offering :

  • Meeting place for passionate cycling enthusiasts
  • Cycling cafe with snacks, hot & cold drinks
  • Workshop & bike wash with an experienced mechanic
  • Cycling clothing & accessories
  • Bike fitting and massage service
  • Indoor training experience with Zwift
  • 'Pro for a week' package
  • Test center Factor bikes and Black Inc wheels

Passionate cycling enthusiasts will welcome you with open arms for a delicious coffee, a cold beer or a nice piece of cake before or after your ride. You meet other cyclists and enjoy the best cycling races on television together with them.

You don't have enough space at home to maintain your bike properly? Use our workshop to keep your race machine in top condition. The technical side is too difficult for you? Book an appointment with our mechanic to make sure your bike is 100% again. The Cycling Cafe also offers you the best race bikes, the coolest cycling jerseys, the hottest cycling accessories or just some new tires.

The Pedaleur de Flandres Cycling Cafe will be the meeting place for cycling enthusiasts. Similar to the pro riders we're preparing to be ready for the new season. The Cycling Cafe will open during the Spring Classics.

With the support of :

Meeting spot for cyclists

You like to hang out with other cycling fans but you don't find the rigth spot to meet them? The Pedaleur de Flandres Cycling Cafe will be this place. You'll find other people who're passionated about bikes. Every bike race, big or small, will be displayed in the cafe so you and your riding buddies can discuss the best race tactics, how you rode the same climb much faster or how much you like/hate that custom paint job on Peter Sagans new bike. 

In the meantime we serve you great coffee from Il Magistrale made with love on our Rocket Espresso machine or you can enjoy a refreshing cold beer. We'll make sure you're not hungry by offering you cakes, sandwiches and other snacks. On the weekend we'll open early so the cafe will be a meeting point for cyclist who want to go for a ride or simply to have their Sunday morning coffee with some friends.

Bikeshop, workshop & bikewash

If you live in the center of Ghent in an appartment or in a house without a garden then you're probably familiar with this problem. Where to clean your precious bike after a dirty ride? Do you take your bike with you in the shower or do you give it a quick wash on the street? At the cycling cafe you'll be able to use our bike shower to get your bike all cleaned up. 

Do you need to work on your bike? You can make use of our workshop equiped with all the tools you need to fine tune your gears or brakes. If you're bicycle-repair-man-skills are limited then you can also book an appointment with our mechanic. He will make sure your bike is in top shape for your next ride. You're not 100% sure about your position on the bike? Ask our bikefitter to have a look at your setup.

Of course the Pedaleur de Flandres Cycling Cafe will stock all clothing, accessories, nutrition and bike parts you could need to make it through every ride. We'll be offering Bioracer clothing, Wahoo GPS & Trainers, 4iiii power meters, Vittoria tires and much more.

Zwift Expercience Center

You want to keep fit during the winter months but you don't have the space or the budget to setup a pain cave your selve? Together with Wahoo Fitness we'll install a Zwift Experience Center were you can come and train indoor with your own bike. We're open late at night so you'll be able to ride after work. You can reserve your spot via our website or at the bar in the cafe.

Pro for a week

Since years you've been dreaming to experience the lifestyle of a professional cyclist? If you're planning to make a trip to Ghent you'll be able to experience what it feels like to be a pro cyclist. You can rent one of our high-end Factor bikes to explore the Flemish Ardens with its legendary cobbles and its steep climbs.

Before the ride you can get changed in our changing room and you leave all your belongs behind in a safe locker. We'll fill up your bottles and even arrange a guide for you. After a long day out you come back and hop into the shower to fresh up. No worries about your sweaty kit or your dirty bike. We'll take care of that and make sure your kit and bike ready for a new ride the next day. Even your sore leggs can get some attention from our massage therapist.

Black Inc & Factor test center

The Cycling Cafe will be the first worldwide test center for Factor bikes and Black Inc wheels. You'll be able to make a test ride with the same bike as Belgian champion Oliver Naesen, Jan Bakelants or Romain Bardet from AG2R-La Mondiale. You can choose for the smooth asphalt just across the border in Zeeland or you can test the bike on the roughest cobbles. Testing is of course possible in combination with a trip or any other event.

What are the funds for?

With your support we want to raise sufficient funds to finance the start-up of the Pedaleur de Flandres Cycling Cafe. Your contribution will be used to transform our location into an experience centre entirely dedicated to cycling as described above. This way we create a unique location where you can maintain your bike or have it maintained by our mechanic. At the same time you can have a small snack or a drink or browse through our clothing collection. Your support will give us the opportunity to live up to our dream of a true cycling cafe in Ghent.

To show our appreciation we've created a reward system. Every donation will be compensated with a matching reward. If you support the Pedaleur de Flandres Cycling Cafe for at least 25 euro you'll get the chance to win a Factor O2 frame with a value of 4999 euro.

About the project owner

Founders Bram & Dieter’s love for cycling started many years ago. They love to spend their time riding a cycle whenever possible. During one of those rides, the idea of opening a cycling cafe arose.

Dieter started to participate in cycling races at the age of 15 and went through all youth categories. After his studies he found his way into the bicycle industry and  was in charge of one of the largest bicycle shops in the country for five years. Last year, Dieter then founded his own business, Pedaleur de Flandres, where he's working together with top brands such as Factor, Black Inc, Wahoo & Bioracer.

After many years of service at Brussels airport, Bram decided to follow his heart and found a job within the cycling industry. He worked together with Dieter in a bicycle shop. In addition to his professional activities, he is also the founder of the Bioracer Granfondo Team. You will find him abroad to participate in some big granfondos on a regular basis. He will be passionately telling you all about his cycling adventures. 

Be assured that Bram and Dieter live and breathe cycling with every inch of their bodies and you will notice that in every little detail.

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With the proud support of :