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Cure - A detective horror project

Detectives chase a killer leaving a trail of taxidermic human remains in public locations

About the project

We are trying to produce a short/teaser for a feature film for submission to Amazon Studios and several international film festivals around the world. It is a phsychological thriller about a killer taxederming his victims leaving them as clues for reporters and detectives.  

A team of detectives discover the taxidermic remains of a young girl staged to look like she is feeding a squirrel at a local park. Uncovering what they believe to be the beginning of a gruesome string of murders. The Serial killer taxidermies his victims and places them in various positions. Some sitting at tables as if talking to each other. Others sitting on park benches or sun bathing. Even one victim was made to look like one of the lead detectives. Each new body represents a personalized clue for the detectives themselves. 

Below are some park shots in Gloucester Massachussets. In this scene detectives find the remains of 6 people all posing for the detectives and the photographers. 

The location for the film is set for Salem and Gloucester Massachussetts. 

Each Park bench represents where a staged victim will be (either taking selfies or talking to other victims or etc.) 



What are the funds for?

The Cast, Crew and I will be working on this project for free, it's ok it's what we love to do. Unfortunatley Location, extra equipment + crew, props/wardrobe and a good makeup artist all cost money and that is where we need as much help as possible! The following is a list of the majority of the estimated budget. 

Location in scenic Massachussets 
Over $100 a day 

Equipment rental 

Shot gun Microphone with beach windshield and long power cable + extra battery 

Estimated rental fee: $186 per every 5 day rental 

Camera Rental + lens and other Accessories 

Estimated Rental Fee:  $1322 per every 7 day rental 

EXTRA CREW for new equipment 

Above minumum wage hourly plus paid lunch breaks per industry standard. 


Estimated $800 contract for entire project 


About the project owner

Hosscatproduction is just a crazy group of story telling dreamers. We want to make the films that we want to see. The purpose of the project is just for the enjoyment of the film itself. Hosscatproduction has created several indie productions (mostly horror) selected and winning in over 20+ international film festivals in 2017 alone. Join and help us create, who knows we might just get this crazy project finished and into your local streaming Service/Theater!!!

Nathan Alan Thomas