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Cuba Diversa

Crowdfounding for metal printing for exhibition at La Fábrica de Arte Cubano

  • 16 days!!!


  • 2019, i am comming!

    Transportation in Cuba is a serious problem, people can spend hours in a place waiting for charity and fortune to be taken to their next destination. Under a hot sun, we always look at the clouds, which provide us with shade. There is beauty in the midst of misfortune, our skies are so beautiful and imposing that magically mitigate the pain and make us smile.
    I am Cuban, the infotunio strengthens me.

  • One more day with ULULE

    The collection process is a bit slow, but that does not discourage me!
    As a result of this ongoing adventure I have gained new knowledge about printing techniques on different surfaces such as wood and glass. Above all, he has awakened an interest in how to do it myself!
    I am very grateful with this ULULE platform with a real interest in artistic creation and its promotion.
    At the moment I'm doing a photographic project with young Cuban artists, good and some not so young.
    Like in the photo, i am chasing the dragon fly!!
    As one friend of mine says, "... we continue in combat ...".

  • That moment after the rain...

    I want to talk to you about this picture that is really important to me.


    Somo time ago i was talking with a friend about photography and we were wondering "what we want to photograph next?" That idea was in my head for two weeks at least, and them one day, during a heavy raining i realize, "Now i want to shoot the peacefull moment that comes after the storm", so i went out the street during the calm and start taking photographs of the wet road, the leaves with water drops and so on, but nothing was pleasing me, so i stop, i was really bored and desapointed.
    Almost one year after that, a friend call me for a fishing trip in ocasion of his birthday, as i love fishing a lot i took my rod and my camera(an old one i can take out without worries about been lost or break). 
    We went to a place that is on one side off the Varadero higway, a canal at marina Chapelin, so in front of us there was a line of mangroose and the water was calm, was at night then i feel a joyfull peace inside then i took the shot.
    That same night later at home when i saw the image i said "that´s it" that is the moment i want to capture, i also realize that you can find that anywehere not only after the storm.
    The photo title is "present" for many reasons, the first one, my friend birthday, the importance of the mangroose for the enviroment and how is still standing within a resort area, i now is kind of silly but i also was thinking about a line in the "Kong-Fu Panda" movie:
    "Today is a gift, and that is way we call it, present" says the turtle. Yes, i know...any way that phrase have a huge impact in the way i see life.
    Sorry for the long text!!! Just wanted to share with you that photo and i was interpreting that moment of the life.

    Part of the fishing team, the second from right to left is Damian Bermudez, the one was having birthday.

  • Back Again!

    Hi!!! I remember when i took this picture, one day before i was feeling not good, because a heart condition, anyway i decided to go to the swamp with my friends Yania Appelkvist and Yeni Appelkvist and we decided to do something we had never done before, a lightpainting with people in a cuban night landscape! So i have been sick with flu and appart of all my work and projects but now i am back!! i will make this 75 days left worthdy!!

    By the way Arie my friend...thanks so much!!

    Remember guys share with your friends WE CAN DO IT!!