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Cuba Diversa

Crowdfounding for metal printing for exhibition at La Fábrica de Arte Cubano

About the project

Through photography a diverse Cuba is shown, from a perspective that captures the simple and beautiful nature of that rebellious island. The joy, the nostalgia, the family are shown in both colors and black and white leaving the viewer space for analysis. Metal printing as media support provides a free interaction, the absence of frames being part of the design of the sample. The work will be exhibited at the Cuban Art Factory.

Exposing my work has always been a dream, very difficult to carry out in my country, where photographic printing is very expensive and of low quality.

To this day I have not known any exhibition in Cuba that has used metal as a support. It has been a challenge to investigate, study and prepare the files to print on a surface that I have never used or is within my reach.

The photos that have been cured for the exhibition, as part of my particular vision, are rich in details and colors, with wide range and smooth transcision of the gray scale, therefore the objective is to print in large formats that facilitate their total appreciation.

I want to show a diverse and free Cuba, without anything that restricts it, hence the absence of frames in the montage; and strong and heiress of a rebellion that will be impossible to erase with time, the beautiful is ours, is our homeland.

I hope you will accompany us throughout this process, your contributions, your support will be part of the meaning and voice of my sample. Thank you very much in advance and I hope to see you throughout my dream!

What are the funds for?

Hello!! There is a little board that illustrates how the thing will be with the financing, briefly.

The goal is US $ 3000, especially for printing and transportation. This does not cover the total cost of the sample but it would be a great help and at least all the photos would be printed and in Cuba!

With 2000 usd $ I could print the works and I would have to invent how to bring them to Cuba.

With 1000 usd $ it would be essential to reduce the sample drastically in number of works, but we would still move on !!!

About the project owner

Born on June 25, 1981, I have always had an inclination for photography and visual art in general,

It is not until, while I was studying Law Degree in 2000, that I began to have access to computers that introduced me to the world of video and photography and thanks to the internet accdeso I had in the career and my knowledge of language I could begin to study with materials that came down from the network, that is, self-taught.

In 2006, my uncle Zoilo Vaillant, who lives in the USA, gave me a video camera that took pictures and that's where everything started.

I have obtained several awards doing Video Dance, Documentaries, Video Clips, some important and others not so much.