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The Chaøs Chrønicles - part II

Central America

  • news !


    First of all thank you so much for supporting our project. We are sorry we haven't been giving much news recently. 

    We would like to put you on a special newsletter list, in order to give you access to more information and world premiere and invite you to special events. If you are interested please write to us directly at  and if you give us your postal address we'll make sure to send you a post card from time to time during our next travels.

    The project is going well. We just finished a 2 month long road trip across Japan, and are preparing a series of short films until we can get to work on a long feature film. We are uploading new photos regularly on our instagram  and on our twitter

    In other big news we have also created our own production company! This allows us to work on our project as well as support other aspects of our work and follow other projects that interests us. We also set up a publishing structure to present our own publications while focusing on a limited series of box sets etc, all hand made with love! You can check it all out on this website:

    On As always we are extremely passionnate about what we do and we work independently. From A to Z, wether it be production, realization, post production or distribution we handle everything ourselves. Our audience is precious and the support essential. Thank you for sharing our project with your friends on social media platforms (instagram, twitter, Facebook) or check out our site

    Your contribution is always very much appreciated, it's for now our only means of funding. We launched a new system which works more like a pre purchase type of funding as opposed to the regular crowdfunding. Here is the link, we hope you like it!

    Our last trip has been possible thanks to contributions via paypal, many of you chose to support us this way when we broke our camera mid shoot, a small accident but a costly one!

    If you wish to contribute this way here it is. or

    Please don't forget to give us your postal address so we can send you goodies!

    Pffew!! Long message, thanks for taking the time!

  • Back !

    Dear contributors 

    We just launched a Patreon, using it as a pre purchase system to finance the Fragments new series, book production, exhibitions and our next journey.
    Get involved in the project and participate according to what you can afford and what you want to receive in return, wether it be our films, invitations to screenings, artworks specially created for the project in limited and signed numbers (we hope these will take on greater value!) to name a few.

    more infos :

    Thanks !

  • Dear contributors, we need you ! (Again ;) )

    This news is reserved for project supporters. You know what you need to do !

  • a little present for our english and spanish contributors !!!

    This news is reserved for project supporters. You know what you need to do !

  • US Cøast to Cøast - The movie !

    Since 4 years we have been working on an ambitious project... The Chaøs Chrønicles.
    So far this project has been mainly self financed and also with the help of our contributors and Arte Creative's support, we keep on going forward with a solid team and with the generosity of some friends but we've pushed our banker's tolerance limits to the edge!
    The project has never received any state aid or institution funding and has yet been made eligible for project proposals. 
    We don't fit in any category! 
    Our search for coproduction has only led us to encounter differences of opinions regarding the form of the project. 
    Therefore we've decided to create our own production company, we've organized several immersive exhibitions and premier screen viewings.
    The feedback we received is really encouraging but we are seriously lacking funds to keep going...
    We'd love to show everything we have stocked in our hard drives and make this movie on the U.S. we've been working on for months! 
    So we've decided to launch this crowd funding.
    We're calling out to you, friends, family or spectators. 
    The only way these independent projects can see the light of day is with the interest they trigger and they rely on word of mouth, social media, and how the viewers can be implicated in the projects by participating in these new forms of financing.
    We are doing everything we can to be part of these projects, but it won't be possible without you.

    We need 100 contributors before next monday to enter Ulule 34 000 contacts newsletter, so all contribution are more than welcome...

    Thanks !!!