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Slick 64 - Creed Video (Short Film)

A Tokyo Success Story

About the project

This project, which means a lot to us, aims to make a short film type music video for Slick 64’s single “Creed”.

But not just anywhere… In Japan!

We want to shoot a dynamic and beautiful mini movie based on a powerful musical background, to differentiate us from the “classic” music videos.
The song title sets the theme of this video: ambition, determination and persistance.

It is thus with great excitement that we prepare this adventure which will result in a wonderful cultural experience and of course a 7-8 mn music video, viewable on the web.

But we’re not stopping there!
The video will also be submitted to compete against other works in Film and Music festivals around the world (let’s go all the way!)

Haven't heard the song yet??
Here it is!

What are the funds for?

Here’s a short list:

   3 round trip flight tickets, Paris - Tokyo (no the french metro doesn’t stop in Japan yet…)

   Housing for approx. 10 days

   Don’t forget to eat and hydrate!

   The rest will help producing you pledges (and more sushi)

About the project owner

Slick 64 is a France based Artist / Producer / Audio Engineer with international aspirations.
After working on numerous music projects (Kohndo, Scar Logan, Oz’Virtu) he releases his EP, followed by his debut Album “Years Later”, along with successfully completing his Master Certificate in “Music Business and Technology” at Berklee College of Music.
In the mean time he partners with two film makers to work on their short film, who go by the names of…

Clément Saunier and Julien Janska, cinephiles at heart, are two video enthusiasts  challenging themselves to create a short film, “Bull’s Eye” which has been selected in various international film festivals.
Their devotion to detail, beautiful shots and their craftsmanship make them the born film makers, following the footsteps of Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, or Michel Gondry.

Thomas Mietz is a french athlete who moved from Paris to Tokyo to specialize in, and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Carpe Diem Dojo.
With his motivation, persistence and discipline he participates in competitions all around the world bringing home one title after another and winning the Japanese Championship twice, in 2016 and 2017.