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About the project

Dear friends, we are a new Association, Swiss Gam Solidarity, founded in Geneva in 2017 and working in a partnership with Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association.

The Association aims to support the work of the local Association for the most vulnerable populations in The Gambia. It currently gives priority to a very destitute neighborhood of Sukuta, near Banjul, called Nema.

We want to requalify a very disadvantaged area of Sukuta, Nema. In order to create jobs, improve the quality of life through actions of sensitization to the environment, to schooling of children and adolescents from families in difficulty, to promote sport and parity of chances and adult education.

With our own resources, we have already created 4 jobs,
Particularly in the sale of second-hand items (second-hand clothes, household appliances, etc.).

With the funds raised during a solidarity party, we will also be able to cover (from the beginning of 2017) the school fornitures fees of 2 children and 2 teenagers.
Fatoumata and Mustapha, from the Lower Basic School of Sukuta Nema and Assiatou from the Lower Basic School in Bundung.
Mama, 18 years follows a private English and mathematics upgrading program; until now she has attended only the Koranic school and would like to integrate the hotel school as a cook, next September.

      Fatoumata                     Mustapha              Assiatou                     Mama

In order to have a real-time link with our partner association in Sukuta and to reinforce their action in the territory, we would like to support them in building an office worthy of the name, the director having already guaranteed the follow-up of our first only with a phone and a pre-paid connection.

The Gambia is a very poor country, especially after 22 years of dictatorship. We are certain that the development of projects in Sukuta would limit the exodus to Europe and other destinations, of so many young people, often ending in tragedy.
Let's work together and become a member of our association.
You can find the whole of our project on:

@swissgamsolidarity   or[email protected]  or

What are the funds for?

The funds we raise will be used to fill the office of Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association:

     of a floor               of an insulation          of a door      of the electrical installation     of a fixed connection

And, last but not least, to pay the two masons and the electrician who will carry out this work, because our principal aim is to create work and not to do simple charity.

Our budget:

About the project owner

Who are we ?

SWISS GAM SOLIDARITY is a non-profit organization founded in Geneva in 2017.
The Association aims to support the work of local organizations working for the most vulnerable populations in The Gambia. It currently gives priority to a very destitute neighborhood of Sukuta, near Banjul, called Nema.
In recent years, the founding members of SWISS GAM SOLIDARITY have witnessed the consequences of this wave of massive immigration, such as deaths along the way of the new exodus, leading to Europe and other destinations.
They supported people arriving in shock after the crossing and were unfortunate enough to see the marginalization to which many were exposed.
SWISS GAM SOLIDARITY therefore decided to take concrete action by contributing:
 - Schooling of children and adolescents;
 - Vocational training;
 - The creation of jobs and the strengthening of organizational capacities;
 - Improved school resources;
 - Sponsorship of sports activities.

Monitoring of funded projects is ongoing, from an operational, financial and administrative point of view.
SGS works in strict cooperation with its local partner, SUKUTA NEMA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION.

Project's holder

Born in Sukuta, Ebrima Barrow attended primary and secondary school in his home town, and then moved to Banjul to Muslim high school. He enrolled in vocational training at Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) and obtained his certificate and diploma in construction. Married, he has two daughters. He engaged in social work since his childhood and established in 2000 an Association called Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association which is aiming at promoting local activities such as sports, protecting the environment, supporting those with high vulnerabilities such as the disabled and children with schooling challenges. The association of which he is the Director was legalised on 17th November 2008 and is a partner of Swiss Gam Solidarity since late 2016.

Francesca Olivetti, born in Turin in 1976, she settled in Geneva in 1999 and has always been engaged in social and humanitarian work. She began targeting Gambia in her work since 2000.

Mother of two children aged 16 and 5, she is active on many fronts, including on the internet site of Olivetti-Media Software since 2003 where she contributes with latin translations to the well known Grand Dictionnaire latin Olivetti.

She currently works for a cooperative providing meals for migrants hosted in Geneva, as well as for a cultural association where she assists with translations.

Her ultimate goal is to contribute to sustainable development projects, notably through the action of Swiss Gam Solidarity and Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association which are aiming at mitigating the devastating impact of clandestine migration.

Crowdfunding as a means to engage and give hope for a better world is called for in support of these associations!


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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