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ARTEFACT II short film

The ARTEFACT short film Sequel depends on you!

About the project

This project is set around the ASSASSIN'S CREED universe, a video game developed by UBISOFT. There were so much craze about this license that we decided to realize a first episode called ARTEFACT.

A zero budget short film made by a fan for the fans of Assassin's creed. The main purpose was to go deeper in the details or clues left in the game. We always stuck in the logic of the storyline. Even if we had our own story, it was consitent with the main plot.

We also composed our own soundtrack in order to amplify the creative impact!

At first, we did not plan to make a sequel because ARTEFACT was just a bet between friends. I have promised that I could gather unexperimented people, with no fighting skills, no acting skills, around the camera and make a rather decent short film. 

Today we want to produce a very demanded sequel. We were encouraged by the cybernauts through their various heartening messages, to make ARTEFACT II. Ubisoft also congratulated us and published the short film on their facebook page. I invite you to watch ARTEFACT here:  

The second part:

Some months ago, Ubisoft supported an online tournament with Fraggednation (Tournament organizer) and  I was asked to make a live action trailer for the occasion:


Here is the complete ARTEFACT soundtrack:














I would like the sequel to be shorter but with bigger means and more professional looking movie! This time it is very serious!!



What are the funds for?

The Funds will be for the rent/ purchase of the needed equipement in order to improve our quality!

  • Projectors rent
  • Electricity generator rent
  • Green screen studio location
  • Audio equipment
  • Camara rail
  • Giant airbag and wires for the stunts
  • Costumes, accessories and props

We don't want to be amateurs any longer and would like to honour our fans and those who will support us!



5 euros or +
Your name in the credits 

10 euros or +
Your name in the credits  + Access to the news reserved to the supporters + Access to the the preview showing of the movie in streaming

For 25 or +

Previous compensations+ an autographed DVD 

For 50 € or +

Previous compensations+  the autographed senario of the movie + Invitation to the movie preview with the staff. Limited reward

For 125 € or +

Previous compensations+ Limited serie Book collector  (with an authographed DVD, authographed movie scenario , 
shooting session photos, etc...) Limited reward

For 250 or +

Previous compensations + Poster of the movie + 1 day in post production with the staff

For 500 or +

Previous compensations + You come to Alicante with us for one day shooting, and share a meal with the whole staff. Limited reward

For 1500 € or +

Previous compensations + You are invited 2 days, accomodation and meal at our expense, during the post production in Alicante! Limited reward

About the project owner

I always had passion for the cinema and special effects. I am highly motivated and always finish what I undertake. The idea of making a sequel is born from the will emanating from thousands of fans who watched the first episode. I have no other option than doing my best to offer a result that will meet their expectations.

In advance I am thankful for your support! 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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