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Costuras Pa´destejer

¡Color functions!

About the project

For the first time in Colombian history, women from different street theater groups, joined together to perform a staging ourselves.

In the staging, we inquire about the knitted. The metaphor of weaving and knitting. Our play aims to demonstrate  violence and naturalized gestures that oppress our world and, however, among women we can provide a hand of support, help and listening to transform our realities. We are not alone.

We have been exchanging knowledge for months and having weekly theater lab meetings.Without directors, completely horizontal and self-managed. We build from the community and we want to propose other perspectives in the practice of street theater.

The street is our creative source, our rehearsal place, and our political practice space. We have suffered abuses of those who believe they are the owners of public space and despite this we create our staging, which is called Costuras Pa´Destejer.

What are the funds for?

So far we have done three functions of Costuras Pa'Destejer, with the resources we have managed and the help of many friends. That is why we have called them "black and white functions", because we still do not have the necessary resources to give the play the color it deserves.

Your contribution will be a thread of color in our project: Costuras pa 'destejer for costumes, makeup and scenery.

With your help we will have more strength to make this dream come true.

We know that together we can go further. We want our voices of street women to be heard screaming: Vale la pena ser Callejeras!

About the project owner

Vale la Pena Ser Callejeras it´s a commitment for a different work. We are an interdisciplinary group of actresses, with more than ten years of experience on street theater. Not too young, not too old, at the point. We´re artists, creators, teachers, activists. Our desire is to revindicate the idea of inhabit the streets as well as creating and appropriating it as a space for collective and social art. 

Pics by: Gonzalo Blanco - Harry Soto

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