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💟 Cosmic Fever by HIDE A MOON 💟

Bra with secret pockets

About the project

At the end of 2017, we launched Vintage Dreams, our first lingerie set. After releasing the perfect bra for travelling, it’s time to make room for a new design, one for all the clubbers! We listened to all your desires: a black set, transparency, practicality and comfort. Lingerie designed by, HIDE A MOON Girls, for all women who want to feel free!

You are planning a special evening out. All you want is to have fun, and laugh and joke with your friends. Why spoil it ,even before leaving home, by having to think : Where do I put my things ? What bag do I take? How do I dance with a bag? What if it gets stolen ?

If you are one of those girls who like to dance freely, hands in the wind, head in the stars, what follows will revolutionize your life !

HIDE A MOON, is the innovative lingerie brand that wants to change your way of thinking! The brand that will make you a pure BADASS when you draw out your credit card from your bra, when you deftly take your lighter out and lend it to the hottest guy of the night. There is nothing classy about trying to bend your identity card between yourbreasts, having the numbers of the cloakroom ticket printed on your skin, losing your keys or being locked out of your front of your door after a long night.

Soon you won’t want to be without your bra with its secret pockets. Have your essentials close to you: your identity card, your bank card, your mini lipstick, your apartment keys, your cloakroom ticket, your perfume sample. No more getting scratches on your skin, squashing your breasts, losing your important objects; no more nightmarish evenings.

Clothes from the fashion industry are not always suitable for today's free women.Jean pockets are tiny, handbags are not always practical, dresses and jackets rarely have any pockets.

Today's women dance till dawn, sing loudly in the streets, drink beer, wear sneakers and wear makeup, if they feel like it. So why should they still have to carry a handbag all the time? Life is so beautiful and sweet when you are free to move!

Watch this video to understand how to use a bra with secret pockets.

HIDE A MOON was born to allow women to live life to its fullest.

HIDE A MOON lingerie is designed in France. Adèle draws every new model in l’Observatoire HIDE A MOON (our office). Then, our designer in the south of France concentrates on the technical aspects and creates the first prototype. The fabrics we use are 100 % French and the large scale production is made in Portugal.

Concerning mobile phones, we always advise you to be careful, electromagnetic waves and the human body could be enemies.

What are the funds for?

After having succeeded in our first crowdfunding campaign in November 2017 and having made a first production in spring, we have learned a lot! This first experience has allowed us to anticipate the different stages and to better know the production process. The raw materials are already ordered, our designer’s technical files will be finished by the end of June and the first prototypes supplied by our production workshop will be made in July.

About the project owner

It was during a hot summer evening, on the barges on the banks of the Rhone, that the idea of ​​an innovative bra came to us. Paul was afraid of losing our valuables that he had in his jean pockets: our credit cards, our identity cards, a little cash. Adele was used to hanging the apartment key on the shoulder strap of her bra. We had to be ingenious in order to bring the bare minimum during our nights out. The goal was to be able to carry everything without being cluttered and without losing these objects. One night Adele asked Paul: why has nobody created a bra with pockets ?

We are driven by the desire to be entrepreneurs, to build a young brandthat corresponds to the women of today and which is part of a liberating process for them. Our mission is to alloweveryone to go out and enjoy life in complete freedom, by having their precious belongings closer to them.

Our common passion is dance. After meeting each other thanks to this passion, we became inseparable, sharing the same vision of life, happiness and the same values.

We work daily for HIDE A MOON. Our workplace is the Observatoire, a cosy place designed so we can work day and night and reach for the moon.


Models : Everyday life girls

Vidéo : Momentum Production

Photos : Fanny Hamayon / Marine Toux

Photo shoot assistant: Lola Dudit