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MaKr3d Melzi controller board

all-in-one 3D-printer electronics with graphical display

  • Thank you for your support!

    I was very happy to see your support here for this campaign!

    This campaign was set up as a pre-order offer. The boards will be produced and sold via my website makr3d.de for a regular price soon.

    For all who had registered themself here, I will offer this special Ulule-price later with the regular sales as well. I don't get a list with your email adresses automatically, but you can contact me as [email protected]

    I would be very happy to hear from you again!

      Michael Mayer

  • The first test fixture is finished

    Getting the Ulule-campaign online was an important first step. It turned out to be much more work than I originally expected. Surprise, surprise ;-)

    But it is still too early for a rest. The preparations for a smooth production start are continuing. Right now, I am very busy with preparations for the final production test.

    In the next few weeks I am planning to document the process here and to introduce some of the people who are involved in this project. Today, I would like to start with

    Boi, manager of test engineering department

    Boi is in charge of the test engineering department. He and his colleagues design and build all needed test fixtures for all customer projects.

    All boards will be thoroughly tested after production. Every single function and every single input or output connection will be tested. I will not ship chinese grab bags fresh from the reflow oven, but only boards which have been operating in this test rig for a while.

    Boi is building the test fixture and the test periphery while I am defining the test procedures and developing the software.

    The fixture for the final production test is already completed. An additional box with four stepper motors and some photo sensors for position readout is under construction right now and will be finished very soon.

    The boards will be clamped into this fixture and automatically contacted. This way all in- and outputs are connected to the test electronics and the motors at once.

    The testing is done using a special firmware. I uses the externally connected test electronics to activate and measure all outside connections. The testing is done by the ATmega on the board and all results and measurements are logged via USB to a connected PC.

    After successfully passing all tests the bootloader and the final Marlin firmware is flashed and the boards are ready to be packaged and shipped - ready to be connected to your newly build printer very soon!

    Have a good week,