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Abstract boardgame

About the project


Looking at the very little amount of newness and turnover in the abstract game market, together with the big difficulty to convince any publisher to invest in this sector, I decided to publish my game : Contrées.

At the very begining, this game was made as a birthday present for my girlfriend who was, like me, working in a toy library. Then, after the amazing amount of time we have played it and still liked it, and the good response of the different people that tried it during several boardgame events, I decided to work a bit more on it to find someone to publish it. I did present the game in the boardgame event of Toulouse (France), back in 2010, where it was picked for a tv reportage on the french local channel. I also presented it at the Essen boardgame fair. The feedback were very good, specially because of the quick and dynamic format the game offers. Some publisher that I met during the event kept the game for several month to evaluate it. After that, the game became part of Forgenext portfolio with the aim to reach worlwide publishers. Finally, I decided to publish it myself without compromise about quality or potential thematic to paste on it.

THE WORD OF BRUNO CATHALA (Well known game designer) (in french sorry)

"Ceux qui suivent l'actualité des jeux de société savent à quel point j'aime les jeux abstraits à deux joueurs (par exemple, je cite régulièrement Gyges, de Claude Leroy, comme un de mes jeux préférés de tous les temps. Et je suis un fan absolu du projet GIPF de Kris Burm). Un domaine particulier dans lequel il est trop souvent difficile d'attirer l'attention des éditeurs, quelle que soit la qualité du jeu. Un domaine difficile et exigeant au niveau de la création, car un bon jeu abstrait se doit de lier l'évidence et l'élégance d'une règle simplissime, à une profondeur tactique et une rejouabilité importantes. Difficile de surprendre et d'innover en la matière.

Et puis il y a déjà quelques années, sur un salon, Max m'a fait jouer à son prototype de Contrées. Et j'ai immédiatement été séduit. Ce jeu est de la trempe de ses glorieux aînés. Avec une belle courbe d'apprentissage qui laisse confiant sur le fait qu'il ne prendra pas la poussière sur une étagère. Un jeu, donc, dont je me réjouissais qu'il soit un jour édité. Sauf qu'une fois de plus, les éditeurs sont restés frileux par rapport au côté jeu à deux abstrait, pour eux passé de mode.

C'est donc aujourd'hui avec plaisir que je soutiens Max dans son projet de crowfounding. Je suis moi-même souvent assez circonspect vis-à-vis des financements participatifs de jeux de société lorsqu'ils émanent d'éditeurs ayant pignon sur rue. Mais là, nous sommes dans ce qui devrait être l'essence même de ce mode de financement: aider un jeune auteur passionné et talentueux à faire vivre un projet qui le mérite !"


Contrées is a majority game freely inpired by the game of GO and KAHUNA. It is playable for two players and takes around 15 to 20 minutes for a game.

A good material

Abstract boardgame players are very often enjoying nice objects. In that way I decided for a game made of wood. The different components of the game will then be made of beech.

The size have also be taken to account to have a game present on the table and easy to handle.

3 simple rules...

Conquest by majority

4 of your towers around a territory and you own it.


When you take control of a territory, remove any opponent pawn from it.


Surround an opponent pawn or a group of opponent pawns to remove them from the board.

2 ways to win

End of the game

When both players have played all their pawns, the player that owns the most territories wins the game.

Instant win

If, at any time of the game, you own 9 territory, you win.

A long life time for one game...

The modular board, the deep strategic ways and the quick games give to this game a huge potential of beeing played more and more with still a good feeling of new challenges between you and your opponent.

Download the complete rules

What are the funds for?

Nowadays, more and more boardgame projects are made on crowfunding platforms. Most of them are using this system even if the project come from a well known healthy company that could take the risk of choosing a boardgame prototype and publishing it on its own founds. Instead they choose the relative security that offers the crowfunding for a fair price. The original aim of the crowfunding is to help projects made by motivated people happens. Contrées is one of them. Indeed, publishing this game made of wood in small quantity requires some founds that I can't, as a single person, provide. So I really need the help of everybody to make it happens. On top of that this system allows me to produce just the right quantity of games instead of too few or too many.

In fact that is where the money will go for a €35 participation with shipping to France. (this estimate may change at the end of course).

The rewards

Rewards include shipping to France, additional cost will be added for other shipping destinations.

5 euros : a bookmark signed by the game designer

35 euros : one copy of the game and a bookmark signed by the game designer

40 euros : one copy of the game signed by the game designer and one bookmark signed by the game designer.

45 euros : your name on the packaging of the game, one copy of the game signed by the game designer, and one bookmark signed by the game designer.

55 euros : your name on the packaging,one copy of the game signed by the game designer, one bookmark signed by the gqme designer and one online game against the game designer (medium level).

55 euros : your name on the packaging , one copy of the game signed by the game designer, one bookmark signed by the game designer and one online game against the graphic designer (hard level).

65 euros :  two copies of the game, two bookmarks signed by the game designer.

90 euros : tree copies of the game and tree bookmarks signed by the game designer.

800 euros : your name on the packaging of the game, one copy of the game signed by the game designer, one bookmark signed by the game designer and one online game against the game designer (mediumlevel) and another one against the graphic designer (hard level). The 3d printed prototype of the game developped in view of a plastic version of the game (unique). 

About the project owner

The project owner

For ever boardgame passionate, I started working as a toy librarian in Toulouse. In the same time I created and managed another toy library (Si t'es jeu !) and started design my own games.

In 2010, LUDOCOM offers me to publish one of them : Babyboom. After that I have been hired as a game designer in the LEGO Group to work at the development of the line LEGO Games. I contribute in this position to the design of different games : "The hobbit, an unexpected journey", "Batman", "Chima" and "Lord of the ring". Finally, I am currently working as a designer in the LEGO MINECRAFT project.

Always in need of boardgames, I decided to create this publishing project to share this game with as many people as possible and to spend good time doing that.

The graphic designer

At the very begining that is for her that the game have been made. On top of the fact of receiving that game as a birthday present, Lorraine have been working in a toy library for several years and is still playing a lot of boardgames. Now graphic designer in the LEGO Group, she accepted to participate in this project by making the graphic for the game and the website.

Thanks to her...