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Nature & Human Stories: BOCHIALKI

A photo-video exhibition & workshops to question your bound with Nature and give you a new perception on climate change, October 2018, Paris

About the project

We reached our initial goal with unexpected speed! High on adrenalin we keep on walking, climbing the next mountain! Next level: 4’500 Euros!

What will we do with that amount of money? We will be able to offer three workshops, have discussion circles, beautiful pictures, a video installation and last, but not least our lovely Tree, that we build collectively.

Best of all: if we reach it, all our supporters will get a little surprise from us!



What is our relationship with Nature? How does climate change impact this relationship? What actions can we take in our daily lives? These questions are the inspiration for the photo and video project BOCHIALKI.

BOCHIALKI, or Encounters on the way, started in 2017 as a personal quest to explore these very questions. To get a different perspective, we travelled to Bolivia, Chile, Kyrgyzstan, France and Indonesia speaking with individuals and organisations who chose to take action today and build their own alternative path to enhance their relationship with Nature. We captured their stories through video interviews and photos.  

After one year on the road and countless interviews, we now want to share these stories with you, not only through online channels, but also in person. Our vision is to host an interactive exhibition with a panel discussion and workshops to give others the opportunity to explore this topic as we did.


Our objective is an opening exhibition in Paris in October / November of 2018. Based on the response to the exhibition, we would like to extend the discussion and reproduce the exhibition in other cities in France and Switzerland. Our vision for the exhibition is a 4 part narrative organized as follows:

Through pictures and videos, we give you the opportunity to question your own relationship with Nature and your perception of climate change impact. We will structure the exhibition along the topics of waste, personal perception of climate change, and the community’s connection with Nature. Specifically, we will explore the topics of water, agriculture, forest and entrepreneurial and citizen actions.

You will see pictures of the amazing people we have encountered and also have the opportunity to meet them through a video installation. You will get to know their philosophy of life and witness their special connection with Nature. We will also portray organisations and their initiatives and follow their relentless pursuit to change the status quo to raise awareness and work towards building a more sustainable future.

To get a glimpse of these stories, watch some of the videos below:

The farm of Bec Hellouin, a micro-agriculture in love with life:

Chuñawi, Hydraulique Sans Frontière and the search for water:

Paulina et Le Mouton Vert: By having nothing, we can do everything we want:

To engage and connect visitors throughout the exhibition, we’d like to create ‘The Tree of small actions’. ‘The Tree’ consists of different pieces of wood that are hanging from the ceiling. All the visitors are invited to contribute to ‘The Tree’ by writing down their relationship with Nature, daily actions they can take, inspirational quotes, and also their reactions to the exhibition. ‘The Tree’ represents the community that we have built throughout the exhibition.

Following the exhibition, we aim to share the ideas collected on the website of BOCHIALKI to extend the discussion to the online community.

The exhibition will begin with a vernissage that includes a panel discussion. In the panel discussion the topic of our relationship with Nature and how climate change and our activities impact this link will be discussed among experts.

Subject to funding raised, we will offer hands-on workshops during the weekend to learn about small actions for how to live more sustainably. The workshops will help participants to make the first, second or hundredth step towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle. During these workshops participants will learn skills, such as how to build an urban garden or how to make shampoo at home.


There are three things we want to achieve with BOCHIALKI and the exhibition:

  1. Engage people to question their relationship with Nature. We believe Nature is often taken for granted. We sometimes forget how essential She is and forget Her in our daily actions. People and communities we met offered us a different perspective on how our relationship with Nature can be and challenged our own perception. We want to offer this point of reflection to others.
  2. Raise awareness about Nature and climate change. Wherever we live, we are affected by the impacts of climate change. Some have been overwhelmed by its full force, other may experience more diffused impacts. The communities, initiatives and individuals we met are impacted by climate change in their daily lives. We hope that by seeing and experiencing their reality, we can inspire others to realise that the issue originates from our own decisions and activities. We believe that each and everyone of us has the power to make a difference.
  3. Inspire action. By portraying people and organisations who are taking action today, we want to offer ideas to others about how we can live more sustainably. We believe there is no small action. Everyone can make a change.


Would you like to learn more about BOCHIALKI?

Come discover our website:

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Since our start in January 2017 we chose to be entirely self-sufficient, but today we need your help.

What do the funds support? Most of the funding raised (34%) will go to the printing and installation of materials for the exhibition. This 34% also includes the costs for printing and framing the pictures, the video installation and building of ‘The Tree’. The 12% named ‘vernissage’ includes the costs for a small catering of the opening night, workshops and the travelling cost of the speakers for the panel discussion. 16% of the funds raised will be used for the space rental of a room and 30% for the contributions we offer in this crowdfunding campaign.

BUT we have elaborated different funding scenarios! We have considered different exhibitions scenarios depending on how successful our fundraising efforts are. If we exceed the 3,000 Euro target, we aim to use the remaining funds to expand the exhibition and make the exhibition of our dreams last longer.

More financial support, allows us to:

  • Extend the workshops to include additional sessions and topics such as zero waste, upcycling and learning how to reduce your electricity consumption
  • Rent a larger space, which allows us to show more pictures and invite additional guests to the vernissage, panel discussion and workshops.
  • Show the exhibition for a longer period of time, extending from one weekend to two.


We also offer a thank you to our supporters, which will be sent after the crowdfunding campaign is completed. However, you can also donate without receiving a reward (see last option on the right hand side).

5 Euros: You will be there in any case!

In addition to our eternal gratitude, your name will be mentioned as part of the exhibition and you are cordially invited to the vernissage. Plus you will participate in the lucky draw to win a ticket for a workshop. Thank you!


10 Euros: Surprise, Surprise! 

You will receive two BOCHIALKI postcards (one has kind words from us and the other is blank for whoever you’d like to send it to). The fun part: you don’t know which picture you’ll get.

+ You are cordially invited to the vernissage.

+ You will participate in the lucky draw to win a ticket for a workshop

+ Your name will be mentioned as part of our exhibition

Your help is precious, thank you. 


25 Euros: A postcard for every occasion!

You can become a collector (not of stamps) but of …. BOCHIALKI postcards! You will get a set of 5 BOCHIALKI postcards. You can choose between the following three postcard sets:  

Nature set

Portrait set

Mixed set

+ You are cordially invited to the vernissage.

+ You will participate in the lucky draw to win a ticket for a workshop

+ Your name will be mentioned as part of our exhibition

A big thank you! 


45 Euros: Your BOCHIALKI memory!

You will get a printed BOCHIALKI photo (20x30cm). You can choose your printed photo from the 10 photos below.

+ You are cordially invited to the vernissage

+ You will participate in the lucky draw to win a ticket for a workshop

+ Your name will be mentioned as part of our exhibition

Our heartfelt thanks! 


75 Euros: Get your BOCHIALKI poster! 

Whit this donation you become the proud owner of a printed BOCHIALKI poster (30x45cm or 40x60 cm). You can choose between the 10 photos below and between the following two sizes:

30x45cm or


+You are cordially invited to the vernissage.

+ You will participate in the lucky draw to win a ticket for a workshop

+ Your name will be mentioned as part of our exhibition

 1000 thank yous and more! 


150 Euros: A choice and a haiku!

There is no word to thank you for your invaluable help but we’ll accept the challenge and will write you a small Japanese poem. You will receive a printed BOCHIALKI poster (40x60cm, 60x90cm or 70x100cm) and our eternal gratitude! You can select which picture you want printed (see 10 photos below) and in which size you would like it printed.

You can choose between the following 3 sizes:


60x90cm or


+ You are cordially invited to the vernissage

+ You will participate in the lucky draw to win a ticket for a workshop

+ Your name will be mentioned as part of our exhibition

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.....


350 Euros: Get your own photo shoot and our gratitude for life! 

Is there a special occasion you want to celebrate (pregnancy, birth of your child, round birthday, engagement)? Or do you want to give an exclusive gift to someone? With this reward you will get a personal photo shoot with Marion. The photo shoot will ideally take place in or around Paris, but there are also limited time slots available in Switzerland (around Zurich and the Eastern part). Together we can also figure out in what setting you would like the pictures will be taken and with how many people.

You will receive 5 to 15 pictures in digital format.

+ A unique Japanese poem written by us

+ You are cordially invited to the vernissage

+ You will participate in the lucky draw to win a ticket for a workshop

+ Your name will be mentioned in our exhibition

We will be forever grateful!!

The 10 photos you can choose from are shown below. We will contact contributors after the completion of the crowdfunding campaign to ask for photo selections and addresses.

Photo 1: Old Woman during carnival in Oruro, Bolivia.

Photo 2: A fisherman’s village in Puerto Eden, Chile

Photo 3: Child among horses in highlands of Kyrgyzstan

Photo 4: Sunset in Sungai Pisang, Indonesia

Photo 5: Family in Toktogul, Kyrgyzstan

Photo 6: Laughing boy during potato harvest in Chuñawi, Bolivia

Photo 7: Farm by a lake in Kyrgyzstan

Photo 8: Mystic forest in Savoie, France.

Photo 9: Beautiful view in Coyhaique in Patagonia, Chile

Photo 10: Volcanos close to Mount Bromo in Jawa, Indonesia


You want to know who stands behind BOCHIALKI? Here we go…


I created BOCHIALKI in January 2017 in search of meaningful and inspirational solutions of a more responsible relationship with Nature. This project was also an opportunity to combine my creative side (photography and video) with a subject that is close to my heart: climate change. Prior to this project, I worked for four years in a research team assessing the economic impact of climate change policies. My experience in the professional world offered me the opportunity to absorb this knowledge and to begin to understand the complexities surrounding this global issue.


My path crossed with Marion’s in a language school in Bolivia. I was impressed by her determination and courage to start such a project on her own. Although I didn’t know much about climate change or photography, I offered my marketing skills, time and energy to support her. After our travels together in Kyrgyzstan, I became a permanent member of the team. I believe that BOCHIALKI’s simple approach of exploring the relationship between men and Nature makes it a project  that needs to be shared.



Would you like to learn more about BOCHIALKI?

Come dive into the world of BOCHIALKI by entering the welcome door of our website:

Don’t hesitate to  follow us on:


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