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Connect Watch - Time to connect

Totally private - completely secure

About the project

The Connect Watch is the first native French connected watch using AsteroidOS, an open-source operating system offering you freedom. Design and development are underway in France’s buzzing tech capital; Toulouse in southern France.

A free and independent watch

The CONNECT WATCH draws its unique identity from the operating system at the very core of its DNA as well as its 3G support. Most connected watches in the market run Android Wear but the Connect Watch chose a radically different opportunity: An open source path offering you complete freedom and total security for your personal data.
In addition to this the 3G version of the watch allows you to slot in a nano sim card and leave your smartphone at home!

Whether you're a seasoned sports enthusiast, passionate about new technology, a developer seeking a platform or just a junkie for all things cutting edge, Connect Watch will soar above and beyond your expectations thanks to the multitude of dedicated applications allowing you to make your Connect Watch unique to you.

AsteroidOS represents an alternative for all those looking for freedom and independence. Providing total freedom of use, it secures your data and puts you in control of your applications. It fits perfectly with the ethos of connected watches:

Less resource-intensive, the battery life is extended up to 4 days.


With the WiFi version of Connect Watch it’s super easy to connect your smartphone to take calls and receive notifications.

With the 3G version, you can use the call feature straight after inserting a nano-sim in the watch.


The functionality is provided by OpenStreetMap, free to use and with free license.

Activity Tracker



The Connect Watch also has all of the Apps you need daily to manage your life, such as diary, alarms, weather, notifications, timer, music, calculator, e-mail and many more. And don’t forget - it’s open source so you can customize your app choice to suit the unique way you live your life.

  • Processor: Quad Core 1.39GHz MTK
  • Display: 1.39 "round screen Amoled - 400 * 400
  • System: AsteroidOS
  • RAM + ROM: 512MB or 1GB + 4GB or 8GB
  • Length of the strap: 9.4 x 13.5cm
  • Width of strap: 2.6cm
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Camera: 2.0MP
  • Video: 720P
  • SIM: Nano SIM
  • GPS: Yes
  • Frequencies:
    • GSM: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
    • WCDMA: 850 / 2100MHz

What are the funds for?

The funding we raise now will be used to start production of the watch and fine tune the OS. 

Help us get around the dial! 

Once goal #1 is reached:

  • You can choose the color of the bracelet

If Goal #2 is reached:

  •  Previous Benefit


  • Screen protector available


  • All versions will have 1GB of RAM  

If Goal #3 is reached:

  •  Previous Benefits


  • All versions will have 8GB of ROM

If Goal #4 is reached:

  •  Previous Benefits


  • All versions of the Connect Watch will be (WIFI + 3G)!


  • Customers who have chosen the 129 euro version will receive in addition to the Connect Watch a wireless Bluetooth headset with an integrated microphone.

About the project owner

The Project Leader: Arunan Sathasivan, passionate about new technologies, especially open source software.

“As a technophile I was looking for a stand-alone, connected watch that would respect my privacy and not collect data on my usage which might then be sold – and then sold on, again and again.  I found that all the watches in my search lacked something when compared to the others and most didn’t share my values about the fundamental privacy rights of the user. 

That’s why I created the company Connect Watch SAS, which is the start-up behind Connect Watch an exciting new concept watch created around the open-source AsteroidOS.

Totally private - completely secure.

I’m extremely excited as we start this journey into the world of Connect Watch and the chance to get back control of our data. It’s already happened in search with DuckDuckGo and it’s happened in email with Proton mail and now it’s happening on your wrist with Connect Watch.

I passionately hope you’ll feel moved to join me on this journey!”

For more information, please visit our website: http://connect-watch.com/

And join us on social networks