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Conferred Planet

2D multiplayer action sci-fi shooter

About the project

Conferred Planet is a 2D multiplayer sci-fi shooter video game with dynamic gameplay, stealth, mech vehicles and completely environment destruction.

By gamers for gamers. 
We take best features from games of our genre and want to share this incredible experience with you!


The action takes place thousand years later, outside the Solar system. Human races, which were divided in the past, start a war.
Protect the interests of your Coalition in space or on full of resources lands.



You can use a huge list of weapons, beginning with rocket launcher and antimaterial cannon, ending swords and flying drones.

Guns spread over several gaming classes that can be fully customized to get the unique style of play.

Use the environment for freedom of movement. Wall blocks the way? Blast it! Almost everything can be destroyed: objects, buildings, walls, ceilings, floors, the whole building! Also you can use parkour to move quickly.

First of all, the Conferred Planet is focused on network battles. It can be PVP mech battles for 16 people or PVE co-op night stealth missions or squad Survival in the jungle full of hungry fauna or global battle for superiority on one of the planets!


What are the funds for?


  1. Stable updates
  2. Music and Sounds
  3. Administrating servers
  4. Bakers and Fan Merchandise
  5. Storyline
  6. Professional design
  7. Professional animation
  8. Total lack of donation and ads
  9. Maintain a comfy community
  10. Language support: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and others


Expected release dates:

  1. September 2014 - Alpha
  2. October 2014 - Beta
  3. December 2014 - Steam PC Release (WIndows, Mac, Linux)
  4. 2015 - PS/XBOX Consoles Release


Full size wallpaper here.

About the project owner

Destame is not yet a very big team but we grow up, also, we have three years experience in game development.

Our team consists of 2 main developers and several outsource artists/coders.

Alex- Art Lead, Game designer, VFX, Animator, Community manager, Marketing.

Oleg - Senior programmer, Legist, Web-programmer, Debugger, Mechanics developer.

Natalia - co-founder.




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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