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Get rid of plastic... natural ingredients... unique, individual, arty...

About the project


Concrete switches and sockets had to exist already, so we thought initially. It seemed such an obvious idea. But we did not find them. We thought it would be fantastic and so we created them. You can find the very first completely concrete cover of switches & sockets. Made from only silicates.

Why concrete?

Perfect fit, in harmony with all wall surfaces

A piece of plastic on the wall can be bizarre, sometimes quite terrible. Interior designers very often try to hide switches and sockets as they blunt the general aesthetics of their work. But, they‘re functional, useful objects. If we have to search for a long time to find them and posture freaky poses to use them...that’s not too comfortable. The answer is concrete.

Fine to touch

How many times a day do you touch light switches? Physical contact with objects has a physical effect on our body, and consequently to our soul. If you feel it is better to wear a natural silk scarf than a nylon one, prefer to use glass in contrast to a plastic cup and you can feel the difference between the perfume of flowers compared to a cheap toilet fragrance, then surely you will appreciate our products.

Unique, individual, arty 

The surface bubbles and blots make up a distinct, unique object with an individual character - with a face. If you look closely at our polished Mini Terrazzo surfaces, a lively, colourful, and abstract world opens up. We hate monotony. There is not one piece exactly the same as another.

Handcrafted and diverse

The hand made manufacturing way is not an anachronic technology. It has many advantages. Easy to create almost anything that customer wishes for, even in small batches.  We can make many varieties, use many colours. This process allows us to tailor the perfect fit combination to your interior. The development phase is faster and cheaper, a collection can renew quickly from a lower budget.

Get rid of plastic, be more sustainable!

We know that the plastic materials of switches and sockets make up a very low percentage of global plastic pollution. We think, all of the tiny steps remarkable. We are very proud that we can offer a better alternative and work on a more sustainable future. We do not use artificial resin nor pollutant additives. We just call it is a "stone to stone" product.

Strong, durable, easy to clean 

We work with the finest, purest materials to use high-performance concrete. We infuse all items with an eco-friendly water-repellent agent that is invisible on the surface.  Stains and grease of any kind are easy to clean from your switch or socket.

We make just the concrete covers and fit them over safe, well-known, industry-standard electrical mechanisms made by trusted name-brand manufacturers. These products are certified, follow the rules but also contain plastic components.


What are the funds for?

We need financial investment to facilitate the smooth transition to mass-market production.
We’d like to see this type of product available on the market and in this way the power of the crowd-fund can help us make this happen and work on a more sustainable future. That is an evident  "yes" vote if you order some pieces and try it.

In addition, this is your chance to obtain product samples and to donate to the project.

We are looking for early adopters, pioneers who use these concrete objects every day.

Our first goal is to reach 300 pre-ordered pieces and set up the manufacturing process that can produce our products in bulk. We have to make some special tools and many moulds. We have to expand and organize the workflow to match the quantity to the quality.

The second goal is to reach 1000 pre-ordered pieces. We want to enter the market with one full collection we can produce and be able to keep on stock a set of the most important variety of solutions - this means double rocker switches, dimmers, bell and stairway switches… and many others.

Necessary to make 1-2-3-5 gang switch & socket, the solo is not adaptable everywhere. Making all variations and developing our products and services needs a higher budget.

We can step beyond if we get more power. 

  …and we have many new ideas ;)



The square switch, F & E type socket: 80mm x 80mm x 11mm

The J type socket: 85mm x 85mm x 8 mm

About the project owner

 I am Gábor Kasza. I began my career as a photographer and visual artist. I began to develop concrete switches & sockets as part of my technological and artistic exploration with the material. I founded the SEKHINA brand three years ago.

Contributors: Sebestyén Babay –designer, 3D modelling. Zsófia Tóth –architect. Fülöp Schmal – photographer, Dániel Végel – videographer.

Special thanks: György Hönel – Meselia Hungaria kft. Balázs Sipos, László Vilcsek.

Many thanks to my friends and all the people who helped and believe in this project. Startups never exist without the support of FFF in the seed-stage!

Thank you for your support!

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