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Unite against the female genital mutilation !

Bafing KUL and Appolo Band: special show in Mali to defend Women Rights

Interview of Bafing Kul about fight against female genital mutilation

Interview of Bafing Kul about fight against female genital mutilation:

Rencontre avec Bafing Kul

We support concert in Mali to fight female genital mutilation, by asking Bafing Kul to talk about his commitment for promotion of women right. Role plays by artists in society, talk about origin of your trust on Code de la famille, which could defend malian women, If it was adopted by government.

MilitantVibes: Can you talk about your song “ Excicer c est pas bon’’ which lyric is mainly in Bamabara?

Bafing Kul: I can talk to you about “Excicer c est pas bon”’, which has some lyrics in French and Bambara. This song is from my heart, female genital mutilation is unfair against women and humanity. I mention that some costume is not benefic for women. In opposite view of costume, I say that woman doesn’t need to experience female cutting to prove her strength or her dignity. Female genital mutilation isn’t inquiry of religion or tradition. Even though tradition and religion demand to practice female genital mutilation, it is better to not follow such behavior. After all religion and tradition are there to serve humanity, if notice some parts of them deserve us, we must give up those parts. Female genital mutilation isn’t good, it’s mutilation, stop to mutilate.

MVwhere your convictions come?

BF: from personal story, when I was teenager, I had one neighbor, she didn’t experience female genital mutilation. That was rare in Mali. At school and college, we get use to hear gossip on her, saying that she didn’t experience female genital mutilation, then she was not unsin, so on and so on….

In fact, that girl was a good person, she spoke with anyone willing to speak with her, she was friendly and lovely. I never understood why people were treating her badly. Later, around 17 or 18 year old, I start to understand, that justify female genital mutilation with religion or tradition arguments, that is stupidity. Female-cutting is or tradition, it is true. But today it is a fright for women health.

It is not only a sexual problem. I have one example: female genital mutilation corresponds for man to cut his sex at a middle part. Some thought that female genital mutilation corresponds to circumcision, I say no. and in Africa several women lost their live while delivering a baby due to female genital mutilation.

I want to point out all bad things on female genital mutilation, but at beginning it was really difficult. As you know, I think artist should play suck king role. I am not griot. We are here to talk about reality of our society, to provoke so that society will took good decision.

MV: Have you met problems with griots?

BF:No I haven’t met problem with griots. When I say I am not griot. It is because griots play an essential role in Malian society. For example, It will be difficult for griot to say stop female genital mutilation, because griot depend on public opinion, and in Malian public opinion is in favor of female genital mutilation. Artists can say to stop female genital mutilation, because they are not economically depend on public opinion. Otherwise I respect griots, thanks to them, the memory of Africa exist now.

MV: You have participate in Africa women’ right

BF: I support Africa women right, because 2 years back in Mali, le code de la famile was voted by parliament, but President of Mali refused to adopt it. Why? Because Islamists demonstrated against code de la famille. We must stop this, because Mali is secular country. Islam is not our tradition; there is no shame to say this. I personally believe, I am Muslim and that not prevent me to say Islam is not Malian tradition. So what is reason for Islamists to demonstrate on streets, to say we must not give right to women? One must respect his mother. But when it comes to right to your mothers, our mothers or your sisters or our sisters, some people demonstrated against it. Is that normal? There is problem. Women have their right as men have. President of Mali still not adopt le code de la famille, meanwhile he has appoint a woman as premier minister. I hope that not way to kidding us.

Luttons contre l'excision

Interview by Djezz
Translation : Seriba Konaré