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COMPARI: Togo is calling us !

Our challenge ? Togo !

About the project


In Africa, in Togo, in a rural village 20km from Lomé, the capital. Thanks to COMPARI, the geography of Africa has no secret for you anymore !

Why? Analyze of the situation

- Because Togo is a part of developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

- Because the rural environment's middle knows important difficulties in Togo. It concerns the majority of the population, but the State has no means to train the young people and to bring the necessary tools.

- Because the modes of production remain very often rudimentary and without consideration of a durability.

- Because many young people aswell find themselves in the unemployment and in the poverty, further to these difficulties of the agricultural world.

With who? Our local partnership

Antoine Dzamah, initiator of the project and the contact of the COMPARI. The primary / maternal school of Sichem

         Plots of land cultivated to Firm Sichem.                        Workroom to Sichem.

The COMPARI team set up a partnership with a local association: Farm Sichem. It has been 20 years since the farm leads a sustainable development project, on the whole village. 

The Farm welcomes first of all the young people of poor areas and assures them a vocational training (often in connection with the construction, the agriculture farming or the sewing).

Sichem participates also in the economic dynamism of the region. Besides saving numerous young people of the unemployment and the poverty, the production made by men and women of the village is sold and benefits partially in infrastructures: primary and maternal schools, wells were built in particular.

Farm Sichem is member of a Christian organization which leads projects all over the world: Fondacio.

How? Our mission on the field

Our six Compa' are not going to be unemployed during August! Their mission to Farm Sichem is plural:

- In the morning from 8 am till 12 am, we are going to participate to the construction of a library. We are also going to learn the traditional techniques of masonry, environment-friendly.

- The afternoon will be dedicated to the preparation of animations for children of streets and educational activities.

- We shall also participate in the occasional activities of reforestation and agriculture.

Our mission leaves us no much roomin the material help as in the intercultural exchange and in the discovery.
What pleases us at our partner's (Farm Sichem) it is its global consideration of the development. The philosophy of the project is good to allow in Africa to develop by itself. This project thus thinks in the long term and will have positive repercussions on the future generations
We are thus very proud to participate in a so beautiful initiative.

What are the funds for?

The financing is essentially going to serve to buy plane tickets. Today, we are 5 girls and a round-trip ticket for Togo costs less than 1000€.

About the project owner

We are in 2002 (and yeah! It's been a while), Ariane and Myriam are then 7 years old and are high as two apples. Pushed by their families, they join the scout group of their municipality (namely Rillieux-la-Pape). With others girls of their age, them form a group of merry jeannettes. A short time later, they are joined by Hannah and Pauline. For the good of the humanity, we shall not show a photo of when we were sleeve-boards. Do not be mad at us : it is for your own sake.)

At the same moment but at the other end of the world, Christina also joined the scout group near her, in the Lebanon.
In sleeve-boards, these four girls are not necessarily the closest. Nothing indicates that, 10 years later, they will make up together a scout project.

In 2005, the four girls continue the scout's adventure and join the guides. They are then 11 years old. The following year in 2006, Christina and her family leave Lebanon and find themselves to Rillieux-la-Pape :) In spite of approximate French, Christ' is quickly integrated among the guides. Five preteen' become more and more collusive and make 400 knocks as soon as they find themselves!

Three years later, our heroines measure a little more than three apples. 14 years, it is the moment to rise to "red" with the pioneers / caravels. Hannah, Ariane, Christina, Pauline and Myriam already forming a welded band and look like leaders within the caravan.

The fate, but especially the will, make that the five girls find themselves at the time of today actresses of a companion project and have the honor to raise the famous green shirt.

The COMPARI team is thus, we saw it, formed very gradually. Our first asset is that we have known each other for a very long time; we have already lived many things together (camps, that welds!). So, we had time to have a row full of time and we know the slightest defects of our coteam members. The team's life allowed us to tame us gradually and to be capable of making up a project together. We also faced numerous difficulties sets even when we were still Guide or Caravel (among others, have no leader and learn the autonomy and the responsibilities very early): that allowed us to weld us of advantage.

Our blog where you can find more information if you wish (but it's in French...):


The site of Fondacio where you will find a link on Farm Sichem: