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An ethically inspired, Internet site with sexually explicit materials whose primary aim is to generate money to fund causes.

what happens now ?

hey guys, 
a small update about what we are doing here in come4, after the enthusiasm of reaching the funding goal.

There's a lot of things to do before setting up a website, here are a detailed list of what we are thinking/making.

  • we speak with a couple of lawyer about how to set up a company/association for managing all the stuff relating to come4.
    in the next days we'll fund the association, the first charity focused, porn site association!
  • we requested a series of quotes for all the gadgets we have to send to our supporters. Today we send a special email to all of our backers about size, types of sextoys and so on.
  • we are preparing a budget plan with how we would like to invest all the money we received ( videos...)
  • here you could find a small spreadsheet about all the costs. we would like to be transparent from day.0
  • we received tons of emails about people that wants to collaborate with us. We are now contact all those people and setting up a great team!
  • we are validating our "business model" (it's not properly a business model, but...) because we would like to be sure to do the right thing (a small customer development process).
  • we talk with Asta Philpot Foundation and we are making a small business plan about our first charity cause to sustain ;)
if you need any additional informations about us or our project feel free to contact us on 
love [@]

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