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Coloring Book by Art & Be

First self-published book

About the project

It's really AMAZING!! Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! 

Let's make a summary:

- 400% : 5 COLORING CARDS in each order (postcard, greeting card ...)

- 250% : a CONTEST just for YOU to win Stabilo COLORING PRODUCTS ! (Contest on Facebook)

- 200% : the LONG VERSION BLOOPERSof my video... ^^
- 150% : COLORING BOOKMARKS to all orders (one per book)!
- 100% of goal achieved in less than one day!

9 Days, how far we ? = D


Welcome and thank you for your interest in this project which is important to me.

It is thanks to you and your many requests that I have decided to start this project. My goal is to publish a coloring book for young adults, gathering much of my drawings. Ideal to relax and express its creativity.

This coloring book contains some forty pages of illustrations, made entirely by hand, which will make you travelling through 3 fascinating cultures: Egyptian, Japanese and Native American. My drawing style is quite meticulous, composed of a multitude of details that make sense to my work. Just choose between a detailed coloring, for the most experienced, or a softer coloring, by area, for the less talented for example.
The book is in A4 size, paperback and a thick paper for your comfort. If I have chosen a paperback, it's to propose you affordable books but especially to have a flat book's opening, ideal for coloring in double pages.

Thanks to your opinion (on Facebook), I decided to tell you the stories of some of the illustrations, with short and trivial texts.

[In addition] Yes, this fundraising campaign has that little more that makes the difference! I hope to achieve our goal to be able to help, in my own way, the social center near where I lived by donate all these colorings.

I can't wait to see my drawings come to life by your felts and pencils. =)

I invite you to join me on social networks to discover my work, ask questions or exchange:

- Facebook
- Twitter :
- Instagram

What are the funds for?

The fundraising will allow me to finalize the book (complete the drawings, and to optimize the digital design of the book), have made the book by a specialized printing and to cover the additional costs (shipments, ulule's commission, processing, travel ... ).

I propose a 5€ participation for those who wish to bring a "symbolic support". Your name will appear in the acknowledgments of the book and in an official publication online.
12€ for those who wish to acquire the book. Your name will also be in the acknowledgments.
22€ for those who wish to acquire TWO copies of the book. To offer to a friend for example. Your name will also be in the acknowledgments.
55€ for those wishing to acquire a copy of the autographed book and 5 unreleased posters to color. Your name will also be in the acknowledgments.
65€ for those wishing to acquire TWO copies of the autographed book and 5 unreleased posters to color . Your name will also be in the acknowledgments.
155€ for those wishing to acquire a copy of the autographed book and 5 unreleased posters to color AND an original drawing A4 (handmade) on any topic of your choice. Your name will also be in the acknowledgments.

About the project owner


My name is Sabrina Beretta, I am self-taught illustrator. To learn more about me, here is an article about my work: and the link to my Facebook page:

ART & BE is an anagram of my name and literally means "ART AND BE". It's like my philosophy of life: the Art of Being and Being Art.

It is thanks to YOU and all your  requests, that I decided to collect my best drawings in a coloring book. I offer ART to you, it's up to you to be the BE in giving their lives. =)

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