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Coki Jigsaw Puzzles

Discover our caribbean artists

About the project

Cokí ?

Cokee, Coquí … is how we call the small frog found everywhere in the Caribbean. You'll also find it in my island, Martinique.

Want to see one of them, click here, they're so cute (when you're not afraid of frogs, of course) !!

They sing all night long and make one of the more pregnant memory you can get of the nights here.

More of those here, here or here.

So, why jigsaw puzzles ?

You can habe fun making jigsaws at any time. Alone, with friends or family, it create a quiet space where you can observe, dream, think ...

You cans read about the puzzling power of jigsaws here.

Or here, some psychologie article explaining why they are good for your brain.

I've found that in that space, it's just like meeting the artist himself.

And I wanted to share some beautiful part of my island with the rest of the world by creating jigsaw puzzles with artwork from my home.

Jigsaw puzzles for children

Children will get some Claude Cauquil and Mickaël Caruge artwork in 60 pieces jigsaw puzzles.

One portrait of child by Cauquil : "Pink Nose"

Find Cauquil on Facebook here.

And a portrait of woman by Mickaël Caruge : "Le printemps" (Spring)

You can reach Mickaël's galery on Flicker here.

First pieces

Cokí wants to stard with two artists living in Martinique, both of them full of talent.

The first puzzle from the first collection will be made with a beautiful painting from Christophe Mert: "Mémoire d'aujourd'hui" ("Memory from today") - 1000 pices.

You can get to Christophe's Facebook page here.

The second puzzle onf the first collection will be made with one of the wonderfull paintings from Drey Sørensen: "Princesse de Nubia" ("Princess of Nubia") - 500 pieces.

You can find her artwork here

These two products will be made in a limited edition with the artist's siganture embeded.

An if you come to like the project but not jigsaws, Cokí and I have prepared postcards of their artwork that you can take with you.

And for every step that we cross, we'll be able to add new cards and new pieces of artwork !!

Next steps

The very idea of Cokí is a full collection of jigsaw puzzles for adults and childre.

I'm already preparig the next ones. This is just the start !!!

Follow us on Facebook ...

What are the funds for?

Our jigsaw puzzles are made in France and the factory asks for a minimum order.

The money raised on Ulule will be used as follow :

My primary aim is to be able to create as much models as possible.

About the project owner

If you've watched the video (here), you'll have guessed that my name is Caroline.

   That's the cutest mini me I've ever seen (I've met a high level illustrator).

I'm just a fan of my island (Martinique) and, since I've been interested in the local artwork, I'm simply jumping from crush to crush (hence the frog, maybe).

I'm so happy with this first Ulule campaign and even more with all the terrfic encounters I'va made all the while.

Christophe, Drey and I tried hard to create unique products for the first edition and hope that you will like it.