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French Coding Club at ISTE 2018 Chicago

3 French Coding Girls create their Coding Club and are selected to present it at ISTE

About the project

Coding : group activity where you program little robots with or without devices.

You create games, invent pattern that robots follow using blocks code ( visual programming)

You learn together, solve problem and have a lot of fun with challenges.

It is the story of a Coding Club that grows and grows... and that is going to be presented at an International Conference.

It is a recognition of a French Project : Creativity, Imagination...and Serious Game with fun .

Charlotte and her 2 daughters Claire (16) and Anne-Caroline (13) have created a Coding Club because they know how important coding and technologies are usefull for the future .

They invent all the activities, and challenge the students : one hour a week : 14 kids between 8 to 11 years old ( 6 girls, 8 boys and one with dosabilities). In january, another lesson opened : 10 kids, 6 girls and 4 boys . In february one day programming camp.

Their projet has been selected at ISTE in Chicago in June 2018. They are looking for financial help for the travel.

Why ?

Because sharing is their philosophy . If you want to change the world and help kids becoming digital citizen, you have to communicate and spread your discoveries . Their Seesaw Blog provokes discussion with kids about digital behavior .

The idea is to give a simple tool to educators willing to jump into the coding adventure. It is the title of their worshop : " Coding Club : tips, tricks and creativity " .

Because meeting other people with other culture and other curriculum is good for everyone , every experience has to be shared .


How ?

As simple as honouring their selection and going to ISTE because their workshop has been selected among hundreds of others.

In taking part of all animation, they applied also to be volunteers at ISTE.

In writing all their discoveries in their shared blog.

In connecting with educators  because only 3 or 4 contacts (among 16 000) are enough to build tomorrow's education.

What ?

What are they going to tell them ? Their story, simply their story : activities, challenges, success ...and their failures because "Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes " Oscar wilde 

Christmas Challenge

Coding is trying, failing, trying over and over and finally succeed !

So come along with them and jump into their journey !

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

Charlotte (@NerolicaCDB) is a French primary teacher ( since 1993). 

She is also an ADE (2015), a Blue Ribbon Educator, a Seesaw Ambassador, an Ozobot Educator and a Sphero Educator ( not yet a Sphéro Hero , but planned to become one in 2019) .

She likes teaching and learning a lot : 5 years ago she discovered technology in education and since that she keeps on learning and improving her teaching because she knows how important eduction is . 

One of her project done with “Hour of Code” was presented in Berlin in 2016 : it was a video game created by 28 3rd graders about healthy breakfast . 

She also led storytelling programming project with 3rd and 2nd graders . 

Charlotte  is a real innovator and like challenges , even the crazy one ! 

She created a YouTube channel : “ Drones et Compagnie “ to  share with educators and kids her knowledge about coding and robots .

Claire is a 16 years old tenniswoman ( level 15 in French tournament , maybe this summer 5/6 !) .

She came to coding at  random . 

She discovered a fantastic playground and she never misses a lesson because  her help is essential :

animation, advices to kids and management of the devices and the robots.

Anne-Caroline is a “robot” addict , they are all over her room . Generously, she shares all of them with the Coding Club . 

She creates the challenges and the kids’ diploma .

She advices a lot about lessons : how to introduce this or that ....

As a tenniswoman ( level 15/1) , she also likes challenges . 

Links to Seesaw blogs 

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