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Codex D. - Live the Da Vinci Code !

Let your city become an escape game !

About the project

Welcome on the crowdfunding page of Codex D.

Curious? Adventurous? Passionate? And you don't even know your own street? Codex D. is here to rectify it. Through our smartphone application, live mystery in your ecosystem. Anywhere, anytime. Your story begins now.  

Support our application through the platform and live an unforgetable adventure!

It's Sunday afternoon. You want to get out, but what to do? Take a walk? Go to the museum? To an escape game? Something intriguing, educational, immersive? You decide to unsheathe your smartphone and launch your Codex D. app. Immediately, messages flow: you start to investigate on a dark case of painting thief or try to unmask the members of a secret society. The clock is ticking, the streets are full of clues, but the mystery remains. Explore the monuments, puzzle out codes, find hidden secrets, and rediscover places you pretended to know. As you progress, your choices change the story, the characters and their reaction. From forgotten squares to famous monuments, between stories and investigations, will you find the culprit before time runs out?



Our project is based on a concept that takes escape games to a whole new level: the town. Codex D. brings you to a scenario that transform neighbourhoods into giant enigmas enabling you to progress in a freer and more authentic way. The progression goes through a free smartphone application available on Android and iOS. Choose an adventure according to its duration, its location, its logic level or even its historical context.

Each scenario threats a different theme or a different era to offer you the best possible immersion.

Once you pressed “play”, the timer starts. You receive immediately calls and messages from different characters, telling you what your goal is and where you have to go.

All along the adventure, you will encounter characters with their own goals, personality and various degrees of honesty. They will guide you through your journey. You will receive clues, maps and enigmas... You have to find the right answer to go further! You can answer to these characters through multiple means, including pictures that you directly take in the stress. The image recognition and the text analysis of the application will do the rest! 

There are different ways to solve one mystery, do not worry if you are stuck! 

Each of your choices will modify the history, its end and its difficulty...it is up to you to choose the right friends at the right time ;)

We create official scenarios, but you are strongly encouraged to participate. We create a platform where you can easily design your own scenarios, wherever you want, without programming!

The best scenarios will be highlighted and will receive the "Crush of the team"!

However, the scenario creator platform is subject to our financial means :/ It's explained a little further in the bearings! We do our best to reduce the cost of it and implement it whatever our funds are, but this is complicated...

Meanwhile, a little preview of this project! 


For those following us from the very beginning, we prepared a lot of rewards! Goodies, anticipated access, exclusive scenarios... Our community counts a lot for us! Do not hesitate to comment, ask your questions, or to contact us! We count on you ;)

Inspector Gadget: Once again, thank you <3 You will find your username on the app and the website, right after the crowdfunding. If you want us to display something else instead of your Ulule username, let us know at [email protected]

Indiana Jones: Be part of the pioneers! Have the occasion to be the first detective to solve our first enigma. You can try the app before the official release, and give us your feedbacks.  

Sherlock Holmes: We want to thank you for your support and contribution. That’s why we are creating an exclusive scenario for Ulule contributors. Obviously, only Ulule contributors could play it! You will receive a password teleporting you inside a very special scenario! Thanks :D

Lara Croft: An adventurer could not be out of battery. Codex D. helps you to keep your battery charged. You can finish any scenario, without carrying about the material obstacles!

Dr who: Are you able to solve the challenge? An exclusive enigma will be written inside a beautiful notebook that will be mailed to you. We hope this notebook will follow you through all our stories :D

James Bond: Codex D. will organize a scenario contest opened to everyone. A couple of different schools from Paris (arts, history…) may be part of it. But each competition need its jury and we want our community to be part of it!

This competition will help us to find different scenarists that will become members of our team. Obviously, there are a couple of rewards to win! Of course, if you are motivated and you want to be part of the competition, you can also submit your own scenario!

Johnny English: With great support comes great rewards! We offer you to mark the matrix forever, by giving your name to a character! He will be included in one of our first scenarios, as soon as we launch the app!


Of course, if you supported us, no matter the amount given, each of the 4 scenarios available at the launch of the application will be free for you!

Our goals will evolve depending on how much you support us. That’s what we will do with the additional funds!


9000 euros - Project founded - the adventure starts!

The project will be released, with all the explained functionalities and 4 scenarios. A quick communication campaign will allow us to build a community of adventurers. We hope you will be part of it!

We would be incredibly glad to arrive at this point, and we are really grateful to our community!


 12500 euros - Add a hidden scenario!

Composed of complicated mysteries and enigmas, this scenario will be playable by any of you...but only the brightest and most motivated adventurers will succeed! What about a small clue? The first four scenarios might all be related to this one…


15000 euros - Creation of the scenario creating platform!

We love you, and we love our entire community! We hope to give you the opportunity to write and share your own stories in your city. That’s why we will build a scenario creating platform… It will allow you to design your own stories without any advanced technical knowledge! 

What are the funds for?

Why do we need you?

Different costs have to be taken into count. For the development, the website and the scenario creating platform, we need your support. The software and hardware we use could sometimes be expensive.

Moreover, each scenario created by the team has its own cost: a scenario includes its own characters (thus its own artworks), backgrounds and especially a great story!

Developing the app and the scenarios represents most of the costs.

Finally, a part of the funds will be used for communication purposes in order to grow this community we are trying to build.

To launch the project with 6 exclusive scenarios, we will need 9000 euros (in fact 8000, but 8% are going to the wonderful Ulule team <3). We count on you, adventurer! See you soon in your city!


About the project owner

One can live for years without noticing the small details of his neighbourhood. But these details are the one that create the famous stories of a place. And we love stories! That’s why we wanted to create an app usable by anyone where we could tell stories about cities, neighbourhoods, streets using our imagination and your participation. We hope you share with us the same enthusiasm for discovery, adventures and challenges.


Stefan: I am the co-founder & CEO of Codex D. I built this amazing team. I take care of the cohesion, the planning and the business model. I study engineering in Switzerland (EPFL) and I lived in a couple of places during my life: Bucharest, Paris, Toulon, Lausanne… Each new city brings countless treasures: that’s why I launched Codex D ;)


Jeremy: While studying engineering at EPFL, I am also passionate about philosophy. I have a limitless passion for anything that could be mysterious. I am the overall manager of this amazing team that works with boundless motivation for your pleasure and immersion! Enigmatically yours, Jeremy.


Paul: Descendant of the undefeated Vikings and student in computer sciences at EPFL, I am passionate about the technological challenges. I’m in charge of programming this application that you will strongly appreciate after classes, work or during your long weekends.
Very down-to-earth, I never miss an occasion to take the advantage on Lois, our Community Manager, and to steal his biscuits.


Antoine: Although I am a future engineer, my interest in literature, philosophy and history has no limits. After a few years of hard studies in the center of Paris, I have a large knowledge about the Latin Quartier. (sometimes I even find my way back) I will use my experience of game master to entertain you, surprise you and sometimes even make you laugh.


Loïs: Student in psychology in Grenoble, creator of a Youtube Channel, sportsman in the soul. I'm the community manager of Codex D., for better or for worse :p

I’m the link between you, our future beloved users, and the team! You'll find me here http://www.facebook.com/Codex.D.Official/

Hoping to see you soon!


We are unfortunately not close to each other right now so make a group photo would be complicated. But being a team above all, we remain together anyway!  Thus, we let you appreciate this beautiful photomontage of the Codex D. team :D