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Dolmen Fuzz and Montagne Tremolo

High quality pedals and kits from France

About the project

Wow! Already 244%! Lets go for 250%!

Professional-grade guitar effects with advanced features, available as kits for beginners, by Coda Effects. Get back to the 60s with a modern twist with the Montagne Tremolo, or crush your audience ears with the heaviness of the Dolmen Fuzz !

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The Montagne Tremolo reproduces one the first guitar effects ever: the tremolo. The Montagne Tremolo can provide vintage, smooth, tube-like tremolos, but can also creates choppy crazy sounds, thanks to a plethora of options: 6 different waveforms (including a random one!), tap tempo, and a "Symmetry" knob that allows you to modulate the waveform for even more versatility. The circuit is fully analog, driven by digital technology. Thus, it features a powerful Electric Druid TAPLFO2D, and a relay bypass switching system for a totally silent switching. All of that packed in a small, pedalboard and user-friendly 125B enclosure!

  • 6 different waveforms for different tremolos styles
  • Tap tempo, ideal for live situations, with a ratio switch (1:1, 1:3....etc)
  • External volume control to adapt the effect to your setup, or even boost the signal
  • "Temporary" switch to make the effect activated at will
  • Relay bypass with anti pop system: absolutely silent true bypass switching system
  • 4 controls to finely modulate the effect


  • True Bypass: clickless switches and anti-pop relay system for a totally silent and reliable bypass.
  • Analog signal path: The guitar signal is never digitized and stays analog from the start to the end of the tremolo circuit
  • Digital control of the circuit: more versatility than ever thanks to digital circuitery
  • Power supply: standard 9V DC, less than 100mA, center negative to make the Montagne Tremolo highly compatible with pedalboard use.
  • Size: 12,1 cm / 4,76" (L) x 6.6 cm / 2,6" (W) x 3.5 cm / 1,38" (H)
  • Weight: 326,8 g / 11,52 oz

The Dolmen Fuzz is inspired by the "bubble font" version of the Big Muff made in Russian in the 90s. Unfortunately, it is not available anymore, but well known for its heavy, bassy sound. It is used by many "heavy" stoner and doom bands like Fu Manchu and Kyuss, but also by rock bands like Dinosaur Jr or the Black Keys, and can be used with guitar and bass as well. The Dolmen Fuzz is a modernized version of this mystical fuzz, with a mid knob (the mid scoop is huge downside of the original pedal), and a switch to adjust the compression and clipping. The "Solstice" footswitch activates a feedback loop to turn this little monster in a doom noisy war machine!

The Dolmen Fuzz has a huge powerful sound, with a lot of bass and mids frequencies (adjustable with the mid knob). It is ideal for Doom and Stoner, and is also nice for more vintage styles with the central switch that allows you to have less compressed and more dynamic sounds. Finally, the huge sustain and the available mid boost make it ideal to cut through the mix and go for powerful "Pink Floyd style" solos.

  • Clipping switch to change the compression and dynamic of the Dolment Fuzz
  • Medium knob: to cut through the mix when you want
  • Relay bypass with anti pop system: absolutely silent true bypass switching system
  • Soltice switch for heavy sounds and noise drones
  • NOS Version with original diodes and transistors
  • Optimized for guitar and bass


  • True Bypass: clickless switches and anti-pop relay system for a totally silent and reliable bypass
  • Analog Signal Path: your signal is never digitized and stays at its best!
  • Power: standard 9V DC, less than 50mA, center negative to make the Dolmen Fuzz highly compatible with pedalboard use. Can be battery powered too for Fuzz afficionados!
  • Size: 12,1 cm / 4,76" (L) x 6.6 cm / 2,6" (W) x 3.5 cm / 1,38" (H)
  • Weight: 312,9g / 11,03 oz

I selected only the best components for audio. I mainly choosed recognized electronics manufacturers based in Europe and the USA, used in HiFi:

  • Panasonic FC, Wima MKP2 capacitors
  • Neutrik, Alpha and Kobiconn connectors
  • Texas Instrument (OP amps), Microchip integrated circuits
  • Fairchild transistors and diodes     

Components in the kit are identical to the ones in the assembled pedal. Finally a kit with the same quality as a professional guitar pedal!

The pedal is fully hand-assembled on the PCB, and every pedal is checked and settled manually.

Assembling guitar effects is easy (I swear!). The Dolmen Fuzz and Montagne Tremolo are also available as kits, made for begginers that want to give DIY a try. Moreover, you save a bit of money!

The kits are made for beginners:

  • Drilled enclosure: no drilling to do!
  • Painted and silkscreened like the original pedal: your pedal will look as good as the commercial one! Only difference: no Coda Effects logo for the kit
  • All the components included in the kit: make a pedal like you play with Legos :)
  • Very detailed build document
  • Through-hole components only, for an easy assembling process, and digital chips included.
  • Almost no wiring to do: 4 wires for the Dolmen Fuzz, 6 for the Montagne tremolo (vs more than a dozen for a classic kit with a 3PDT)
  • Circuit analysis included: because a bit of theory never hurts

The Dolmen Fuzz is really easy to assemble. The Montagne Tremolo is a bit more complicated, but if you have already build one or two pedals, it should be OK!

Advanced builders can also buy a "mini kit" including the PCB, relay, the photoFET and the digital chips. Thus, you can assemble the pedal with the components that you like. The Dolmen Fuzz PCB uses the same names as the Big Muff page so you can build any Big Muff on the PCB :)

The Montagne Tremolo and the Dolmen Fuzz are made to be used live and on pedalboard:

  • Small footprint, 125B like: because I do not like tap tempo pedals that take space of 2 pedals
  • 9V power supply, less than 100mA consumption: suits the power supply standards of pedalboards
  • Tap tempo, ideal in a band in live situations

Exclusive colors available for the Ulule campaign: get your Montagne Tremolo in Alpine White, and your Dolmen Fuzz in Surf Green! When asking for a confirmation of your adress, I will ask you what colour you prefer :)

What are the funds for?

The main objective of this crowdfunding campaign is to buy all the components necessary to build the Dolmen Fuzz and Montagne Tremolo, in sufficient amounts to get the price as low as possible. Almost two thirds of the fundings will be used to buy the components and enclosures. One quarter will be used to pay Ulule and taxes (in France of course!). The left overs will be use to buy tools (a good soldering iron, drilling system...), and for marketing (videos and other)

There has been a lot of work done before issuing this project! The conception of the Montagne Tremolo started almost one year ago, and might go to production thanks to you! Here is a timeline of the work involved in the Montagne Tremolo:

The Dolmen Fuzz followed a similar timeline, with many prototypes and tests, and beneficiated of my love for Big Muffs!

If this project succeeds, I will be able to develop successfully other models: I have plenty of others ideas that you will like: fuzzs, modulation, and also an overdrive, in development, and of course innovative! (no more tubescreamer clones!)

About the project owner

Hi there! My name is Benoit, I have been conceiving, assembling and building guitar pedals since 3 years now. I own a blog about building DIY guitar effects that you may have visited already: www.coda-effects.com. Naturally curious (also as a scientist), I once decided to open a Fuzz Face in order to try to understand how it worked. Surprised by the simplicity of the circuit, I decided to give a try and I began to build my own effects, to show it on my blog and help beginner to start building their own guitar pedals.

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  • What do I need to assemble the kit?

    Not much, I tried to include as much parts as possible in the kit. You will need:

    • A 30W soldering iron, with a pointy end. This one is quite good.
    • Solder, with 60% Sn. Try not to use lead, for your health!
    • Cutting pliers to cut the components legs. These ones are nice.

    Last updated: 3 years, 11 months ago

  • What will change with the final version of the pedals ?

    Almost nothing! The prototypes are really, really close to the final version. However I did a few mistakes (well, that is why you make prototypes in the first place :) ) that will be corrected for the final versions:

    • Montagne Tremolo: I accidentaly inverted the "Bypass" and "Tap Tempo". They will be switched in the final version.
    • Dolmen Fuzz: the prototype uses a center positive power supply, I also inverted the connections of the DC jack. The final version will be center negative of course!

    Last updated: 3 years, 11 months ago

  • What parts do I need to assemble the Dolmen Fuzz or Montagne Tremolo?

    I give you some parts with each PCB, especially the parts needed for the relay bypass: the PIC12F675 with uploaded code, the NA5WK relay and the photoFET.

    Here are the part lists for each pedal:

    - Montagne Tremolo : the most difficult component to find are the 1P6T small Alpha switches. You can find them at mouser or at Banzai Music.

    - Dolmen Fuzz : all the components are pretty standard, so you should not have any problem to find them :)

    Last updated: 3 years, 11 months ago