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Club Sexu

A specialized media for a more positive, inclusive and fun image of sexuality

About the project

When you often ask yourself “am I normal?” and the only living beings with whom you can talk about sex are your two goldfish…

Club Sexu is here for you.

To present a more positive, inclusive and fun image of sexuality: that is the primary goal of Club Sexu. As a specialized media outlet, our mission is to create spaces and opportunities for sharing and exchanging dialogues on sexuality as well as offering positive and diverse role models while, of course, having fun. Both educational and entertaining, our initiatives promote pleasure, diversity and exploration. It’s a non-profit initiative that is second to none in Quebec.

We are currently focusing on the development of our website and event production. Our communication and design team work closely with health and sex education specialists to deliver content that is on the intersection of science and art.

How is our organization different?

1. We address young adults. The majority of initiatives about sexuality targets an adolescent audience. For their part, young, often sexually active adults are left to their own devices, engaging with popular pornographic platforms such as Pornhub as their sole form of sex education. Fortunately, here we are!

2. Our project is 100% inclusive. We will provide diverse perspectives on sexuality, so that each person can recognize themselves in our content, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or background.

3. Our approach is centered on pleasure. Research shows that a fear or abstinence-based approach to sex education is associated with greater risk-taking among youth. In order to garner better engagement rates, Club Sexu’s content will focus on entertainment, taking the form of stories, testimonies, games and installations. It is through these fun experiences that the public will be able to learn more about issues related to sexuality.

4. We are creators of experiences. Our team knows how to attract attention, master the presentation of the subjects, and create remarkable experiences. The public will surely remember our projects!

What are the funds for?

This campaign will allow us to finance the first development phase of the website: the Confessional. It is a digital, multilingual safe space where anyone can deliver anonymous testimonials and read those of others. The main objective is to break the discomfort and taboo surrounding sexuality, as well as to challenge conventions and prejudices. The platform will also break isolation, create a sense of belonging to a community representing sexual diversity. 

With this funding, we will also be able to cover legal incorporation fees, reward costs and Ulule commission.

Reward details

  • The official membership card

Having your membership card means being part of the Club Sexu community. It also means you will receive our newsletter, invitations to our events and discounts on items from our online store. It will surely complement your gym membership and your Costco card.

  • The Club Sexu matchbox

Your pick-up line, or something to set the mood in the room.

  • The Club Sexu embroidered socks

One size and unisex. If you’re the type to wear your socks in bed.

  • The Club Sexu t-shirt

Various sizes (XS to 3XL) and unisex. If you wish to show your true Club Sexu colors outside the bedroom.

* If the campaign is successful, we will send you an email to confirm your prefered t-shirt size and color.

  • The drink at the launch event

We would love to see you at the launch event for the first phase of our website this fall, so your first drink is on us. Take it or offer it to your date.

Please note that it is possible to pick up your reward at the launch event to avoid shipping fees.

About the project owner

Geneviève Bergeron, cofounder and general manager

“The field of sex education must have its visual communications redefines. I want to engage with the graphic standards associated with this theme and develop new communication tools, as well as new standards.” 

Maude Huysmans, cofounder and coordinator

“I believe design can help elaborate new ways of dialoguing and encourage questions that are essential to a collective and individual sexual health. I think it’s important to create contact points between individuals, through experiences, installations or interactive environments, and I would like my training to participate in the achievement of this goal.“

Sara Mathieu-C., mentor and consultant

“Club Sexu is a way for me to revisit my research results from a playful, aesthetic and accessible perspective. As a researcher, it feels depressing to see the number of relevant and useful research that will never be used by the public. Club Sexu is a testament to the fact that we can be rigorous and credible while talking about sexuality, without boring the audience!”


Board of directors

Geneviève Bergeron, graphic designer

Maude Huysmans, environmental designer

Sara Mathieu-C., sexual health researcher

Julie Duchesneau, sexology researcher

Léa Séguin, sexology researcher

Guillaume Soubeyrand-Faghel, sociology researcher

Denis Wong, journalist and photographer

Jean-Sébastien Filion, accountant

Charline Lezerac, architecture student

Lula Muila Malutama, administration student


Creative team

Geneviève Bergeron, graphic designer

Maude Huysmans, environmental designer

Charline Lezerac, architecture student

Julie de la Rocq, graphic designer and motion designer

Katy Ribeiro, community manager and coordinator

Justin Roy, editor in chief

Cloé Lachapelle, writer

Tyran Trieu, graphic designer and motion designer

Walter Alejandro Duran Saban, environmental designer

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