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Dance, A universal language for integration.

About the project


Climatic migration is a short film in which the protagonist language will be dance. It is about alternative mechanisms for the process of integration.

A group of people have to urgently leave their country because of some climate issues, towards a more fertile area. Through the universal language of “dance” they will find their way to integrate in this new community. The choreographer and art director are going to take them into a dance adventure, dance becoming the inclusive language.

This short movie will metaphorically show, how common languages, as in this case, dance, are strong tools to help in the process of integration. “Climatic migration” is a low budget production, will be produced around Europe, can be seen as an optimistic video project that promotes an art language as an inclusive tool.

x Climate change consequences

x Optimistic

x Low budget short film

x Integration

x Pre-production: fall 2019

x Production: winter 2020

x Postproduction: spring 2020

x Launch: spring 2020

The Idea around this project has been in process since 2015, when I was call by some friends and relatives to go help in a refugee camp in Belgium, in a public parc downtown. Few year later I discover that in the camp some film interested people started screening sessions within the parc. This become a beautiful association name Cinema Maximilien. That now produces and direct films in Belgium.


Parc Maximilien, Brussels,Gauthier de Bock, Moustique.be, Sept 2015

The Great climate crisis that Humanity is facing has already generated major migratory flows. In Europe the current flows are generated mainly by political instability and wars in areas such as the Middle East and East Africa. Tomorrow will add even larger flows generated by climate change that reaches these same geographical areas.

Only cowardice and the commonplace selfishness of Europe are delaying this integration. The conclusion of unsuccessful integration programs due to socio-political errors have frozen the public opinion in a certain scepticism to welcome.

We are passive and unfortunately accomplice of this gigantic humanitarian crisis. The selfishness of Europe regarding the NGO’s (non-governmental humanitarian organizations) in the Mediterranean Sea that are actively trying to limit the deaths, represents the response of a coward society. The fear motivating here a denial that makes our own humanity disappear. However, it is possible to live in a model of complete integration where the foreigner is no longer a foreigner but a citizen. Universal languages exist.

The problem of language makes integration a complex task. Only universal codes exist. I would like in this work to represent this battle between the migrant(S) and Europe using a language common to all cultures; Dance.

In this work, I will develop a research that will expose on one hand the fear of Europe, and on the other the imminent need of us Westerners to support integration. Creative activity will be the unifying ingredient.

The director Tibor de Laminne @tibordelaminne

Video direction by Guillermo Mendo @rckem

Costume designer Parallel Dimensions @paralleldimensions

Dancer and coreographer Laura Indigo @Lauraindigo



"NAME" -2019 - Spain/Italy

AntePrima, Anteo Cinema, 1st prize // Italy

IFFF, Istanbul Fashion Film Festival, offcial selection, // Turkey




What are the funds for?




About the project owner

I am Tibor I was born in Brussels and raise in a little town in the Belgian countryside. I Went to a European school. After finishing high school in 2013 I started my art studies, in an academy in Brussels (La Cambre) where I studied fashion design.

After two years I Left Belgium craving for adventure and new horizons, I decided to move to the Iberian Peninsula where I settled in Madrid. I lived and studied there for two years doing a double degree in Fashion design, styling & communication. In September 2018 I Moved for a one year to Milan, it was an option in my academic program. Besides that, while studying, I assisted an Art Curator Nicolas LeCompte (at Carwan Gallery) Lebanese based gallery, as side job, that got me closer to the Art world and sensible to political status of arts. 

I helped setting the solo show of the Swedish Artist Anton Alvarez, who was at the time resident artist of Fonderie Battaglia in Milan.As my thesis project I Directed a Short Documentary of 11min. Where my interest in direction evolved. 
Last year I directed a very  Personal projet " NAME ".

Anyone can help, whether it's by donating or spreading the word about Climatic Migration campaign through word-of-mouth and social media (you can use the Ulele share tools)! 

I want to thank you in advance for your support and generosity! I can’t wait to get this story on film and share it with you!

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