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Tour by the young musicians of Clave de Sur

The musicians of Clave de Sur all around Ecuador

About the project

Located at the heart of Guasmo Sur, a working-class area in the south of the town of Guayaquil, the Clave de Sur association runs a music school aiming to teach one or more musical instruments to young people likely to be exposed at an early age to difficult situations (lack of education, informal work, violence within and outside the home etc.).

In reality, the school's objectives go far beyond simple musical instruction. Learning to play an instrument in an alternative space that is open to all creates the feelings of security and confidence necessary to develop the knowledge, aptitudes and abilities of each of the beneficiaries while at the same time reinforcing social cohesion within the organisation and the district. The courses are free of charge and the music teachers are volunteers.

Clave de Sur forms part of a network supporting Ecuadorian development initiatives: the Une Option de Plus network. The 16 member associations of this network are distributed across the whole of Ecuador and work in varied fields such as education, disability and socio-economic facilitation etc.

The Clave de Sur tour is an illustration of the policy of exchange and sharing  supported by Une Option de Plus.

The project will enable about ten young people from underprivileged areas to discover their country while performing concerts for the different associations that form the network and will also permit the beneficiaries of the other associations (disabled adults and children, children subject to domestic violence, orphans, elderly people etc.) to experience a cultural exchange with these young people and perhaps to discover a musical passion and/or vocation!

The number of concerts on the tour undertaken by our group from Guasmo Sur will be determined as a result of your support of the project.

Stage one: Transport the group to Quito, the country's capital, with which few of the young people are familiar, and where two associations from the network are located, together with the headquarters of Une Option de Plus. The workshops-concert were conducted with the Plan Ecuasol association on May 17, 2014 (see more information in the news). 

Stage two: A second concert of the young musicians of Clave de Sur is scheduled on September 18 as part of the second edition of the Week of International Solidarity. It will be held in Guayaquil with the FUNSIBA association that welcomes and supports adults with severe mental disabilities. 

Step three: The third representation of Clave de Sur will take place on the 6th and 7th of December in San Vicente with the Futuro - Nueva Esperanza - Centurio association. It offers social and educational activities for children and the most disadvantaged young people.

Stage four: Depending on your participation, the group could go to the north, the coast or the south of the country, travelling through Ecuador to meet other associations in the Une Option de Plus network.

Discover a video presenting the Clave de Sur association produced by the Babel Brass Band (a group of French musicians who staged a performance for Clave de Sur on a voluntary basis in 2013):

What are the funds for?

The financing that we are seeking for the "Tour by the young musicians of Clave de Sur" project will be used to finance the tour of the country. The expenditure covered will therefore be transport, but also accommodation and food throughout the tour. 

About the project owner

The association Une Option de Plus aims to highlight the actions of NGOs working in Ecuador. In this country where inequality is sometimes extremely striking, small-scale initiatives by associations improve the daily lives of isolated, disadvantaged people. Une Option de Plus works with these movements, enabling them to promote their actions and needs and providing technical support through volunteers, training and the pooling of skills.

The Clave de Sur association joined the Une Option de Plus network several years ago and represents a major force in the network. We therefore wish to promote their projects and to participate in their development.

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