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Where a City Once Drowned

a new album by Clara Engel

  • Mailing out the CDs tomorrow!

    I will be mailing out all of the CDs tomorrow! 😃

    If you don't receive yours within 2-3 weeks, or if there is any issue with the CD you receive, please contact me at [email protected] and I will look into it/send you another one!  




  • The eagle has landed


    I picked up the CDs, digipaks, and booklets today!! Mail-outs will begin shortly.

    Thank you all so much again for making this happen. <3


  • CDs almost ready!

    A quick update: the CDs and lyric booklets are both being manufactured, and will be in my hands sometime within the next two weeks!
    Thanks so much again to all of you for making this possible! I will share a photo of the finished albums as soon as I have them in my hands (and then I will be shipping them asap!)
    That is all for now :-)
    Until soon,

  • Open a Door - teaser trailer

    Open a door, there's a pulsing red lit cathedral
    The heart is buried underground, safe from the breath of frost...

    Excerpt of "Open a Door," the final track on Where a City Once Drowned.

    Thank you all so much for pre-ordering and making this physical release possible! 
    There are now only 6 days left of my campaign, and it's reached 107%! The more pre-orders the merrier, so if you'd consider sharing a link to the campaign with anyone you know who might be interested, that would be wonderful!



  • "Baba Yaga" + 88% funded!

    Thanks so much to everyone who has pre-ordered the album!
    There are 19 days left of the campaign, and I've reached the 88% mark... feeling hopeful :-)

    Here is another teaser for one of the songs, "Baba Yaga." 

    "Go visit Baba Yaga
    Find the talking snake in the garden
    Rob the grave of a fallen idol
    Give birth to an ancient curse
    I don't care, whatever gets you off"