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Citizen Lobbying Tool - United4Earth

Regroup, Organise and Act to make a difference near you

About the project

We are all too aware that lobbies have a strong impact on our democracies while Citizens have been unable to utilize the internet to its full advantage in order to have weight on their democracies.

In order to get the balance back we are working on a platform which will enable us to unite, organize ourselves and act more effectively. 

2 Main functionnalities

1. Create or join Citizen Lobbying Groups

These groups are where all the magic happens. The idea here is to allow people to easily associate an action with elected official(s) in order to pressure them.

An example could be to agree on a date and time, lets say every Monday at 2PM, where they would all send an email to their city Mayor on a specific subject. Individually it will be easy to set up, but on the receiving end hard to ignore.
Another can be the planning International Walks or actions around the topic in order for the subject to be taken seriously and for changes to come swiftly.



2. A collective database with contact info of all elected officials

A listing of elected official names, contact information, decisions and actions. This database will enable you to directly target the elected officials most connected to your cause. 


We believe that by having a tool that allows citizens to easily band together, organise freely within these regional, national and international groups and act, we will all be much stronger and be able to effectively bring this, much needed, transition.


An open and free tool

A tool financed by all
usable by all, freely

Once operational the code will be:

OpenSourced (Copyleft license GNU AGPLv3). This means that anyone will be able to access the source coude and use if freely. Any and all improvements based off this code will also be open source.

White labeled: You will be able to download and use the app on any subject that matters to you. If you've heard of Wordpress or Wix, a little like that but for Citizen Lobbying ;)


Interact with the tool easily, where and when ever you want

You shouldn't have to choose between living your life and defending the cause(s) that matter to you, and you won't have too anymore !
Whether in the subway, on the office or on your couch, you will be able to interact with others in order to make sure your voice is heard ;)


Easily connect the tool with other websites

There are many people, groups and organisations out there already acting, it would be ashamed not to be able to interact directly with them wouldn't it?
Thanks the the decentralized technology the tool will be using the platform will be easily connectable to other websites! From there, users will be able to chose which groupes they want to show on their website, but also bring foward their own initiatives.
United, we are unstoppable.

Example of the tool being used of the french Citizen Lobbying website lobby-citoyen.fr


User data..
will belong to the users

The tool will be developed using the Starin'blox framework, based of LDP. It is based of semantic web technologies which allow the decentralization of the data of a website.
Basically, it can allow users to get back control over their data.

So, what does that all really mean?

Sites using today's technologies: When you cruise most of today's websites, like Facebook, the Time's or reddit, your personnal data is stored on their servers. If you ask them, they will share what their legally obliged to share, for the rest, you have to trust them.


Websites using Semantic Web technologies: Your personnal data is stored wherever you want (on your computer, a friends server, or a website) and then you share it with the website; Changes everything no?


Check out the prototypes:

Here's an example of the tool being used to hold make officials pass law in order to enable citizens to hold companies liable for water contamination in South Carolina

Check out the interactiv prototypes for more: :
Desktop Version: https://bit.ly/2psxtGC
Mobile version: https://bit.ly/2NJIWz4
Once the page is loaded, clic on the login button. You can follow the tour or cruise through the app ;)
If you enjoy, help us bring it to life with a contribution, none is too small!

Regroup, Organise

#Riseforclimate  #United4Earth  #CitizenLobby

What are the funds for?

Here we are at the heart of the subject, in order to bring the tool to life we need some funding... but that's also where everyone can bring their contribution, a little bit goes a long way! :) The amount needed to start the development is of 10.000€ (about 11.870 US Dollars)

Said like that it might seem like a lot, but really if we break it down, with a dollar each the funding can be finished tomorrow! :)
Doesn't sound as bad does it?

The funds will be used in the followay way:

  • Development of the tool
    • Core Functionnalities
      • Group Conversation
      • Email Account Connexion
      • Reminders
      • Calendar
    • Establishing the database
      • Integration of the elected official information in the USA (First implementation based off of the Civis Information API).
      • Ability to add new officials and contacts
      • Voting system in order to judge collectively the quality of the data
    • Implementation of the templates
  • Make sure the platform is indexable by search engines


About the project owner


United4Earth - Regroup, Organise and Act to make a difference near you

United for Earth is an International group of citizens that have decided to band together in order to pressure their elected officials into passing laws to protect our planet.
We are aware that time is of the essence and have decided to start acting, together

United4Earth is:

  • Non partisan: We want to act on specific points, we can debate where we disagree, and act where we agree.
  • Horizontal : Decisions are taken by asking for advice or collectively
  • A non-profit organisation with the global interest in mind
  • Open to all

The first contributors of the project: 

  • Ada Cremers
  • Barbara Velasquez
  • Monique Mamo
  • Flora Magnan
  • Anne Charlotte Lambert
  • Renan Savidan
  • Cyril Bruckler
  • Côme Bruckler
  • Maxime Senzamici