Share and transmit your life story without a time limit !

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About the project

Cimemory is an archive, a library which allows you to share and transmit your story. Your children, your friends, or anyone else in the near or distant future, will enrich their lives with your experience. You can collect and store information on a permanent basis, for your loved ones and family :

  • your identity, your genealogy,
  • your memories (travel, personal and professional experiences, ...), your photos and videos, your creations and achievements, your documents, your roots, your events (wedding, birth etc.…)
  • your secrets, your wishes, data that will remain confidential during your lifetime.

So, take part now in this collective human adventure.

After a life, changing experience 2 years ago, David Renaudin had the idea of creating ​​Cimemory. He realized that sharing and passing on life experiences was necessary for every human being. In the current world based on the ephemeral and the digitization of information, no solution offers a permanent guarantee.

In short, Cimemory makes your life an extraordinary memory!

By participating in this funding, you support a dynamic and mobilized team and contribute to the launching of an exceptional startup.

Your identity

This function allows rapid identification of your personal informations, including : Family name, first name, sex, date of birth, city of birth, city of residence ...

My travels, my messages to future generations, ....

My music, my preferate books, my outings, my sports activities, my favorite movies... ...

Electronic safe and documents

Cimemory is a real electronic safe, perennial, which allows you to store in a secured and guaranteed way your most important personal data.


With Cimemory you can record your story, your anecdotes in a chronological order.

Photos & Videos

Allows the integration of thousands of photos and videos of your life, by dating every one of them and leaving a comment.


Allows the registration of events, dating the information


My creations and Achievements

Allows the inscription of your achievements and or creations to share and transmit. The base of the humanity is knowledge and the richness of your emotions...


Allows the description of your descendants and ascendant starting with you. Imagine if Cimemory existed before, you would be better acquainted with past members of your Family and share their knowledge.

My last wishes

This function allows the registration of the person's last wishes, An example, how to organize their funeral or any act that can serve the notary, this can only be opened upon receipt of a death certificate. If in doubt Cimemory will verify the information.  This module is confidential during one’s lifetime.

My secrets

Allows the registration of secrets, anecdotes, that you don’t want to share or confess to during your lifetime, by dating every story or information added. Confidential module of one’s data, open to public after death.

If you have secrets that you do not wish to share after your passing, we advise you not to register them in CIMEMORY.

Our services will be officially launched on January 7, 2018. By participating in our campaign, you will receive a discount on the official launch price.


The various modules of Cimemory are accessible in the form of BOX with different options (storage and associated services). BOXs can be purchased as a non-binding subscription, starting at 1€ p/month, or acquired permanently for a fixed price.

The durability of the data is guaranteed whatever the chosen formula.

Guarantee of sustainability

Your most valuable data is permanently stored for your loved ones, your family and your descendants.

8% of the company's income will be allocated to a savings account, which will guarantee future generations the sustainability of the archived data. This guarantee will be set out in the articles belonging to the CIMEMORY association.


Guarantee of the best price

The Cimemory team constantly negotiates the best storage capacities and constantly improves its software at the best price on the market, to offer these customers, the best product over time. You are assured throughout your contract for an excellent service, which won’t cost you more!

Best Service Guarantee

The website and the services offers (hotlines, genealogy, etc.) which will be constantly improved for the benefit of our customers. Excluding options, it won’t cost you more!

In concrete terms, this means that 10% of the company's revenues (20% in the first year) will be invested in Research and Development.

Our gift BOX

Whether it's a little boost or a big helping hand, we want to thank everyone. Depending on your donation, you can acquire our various products in limited series "Ulule". Counterparties are presented below.

5 Euros

Our most sincere thanks. You could win, from a random draw a Box Crystal 3GO for life worth € 129

10 Euros

15 Euros

20 Euros

44 Euros

100 Euros

150 Euros

200 Euros

500 Euros

1000 Euros

3000 Euros

email :

phone : 07 83 75 39 18

4 place Georges Gauthier

721000 Le Mans


What are the funds for?

Ulule serves us as a springboard. We have worked for many months to get the products, the graphics, the services of the site. Today, our site has outstanding creations, but the financial contributions would allow us to evolve safely.

We now need you to give us a boost ! We need to get our business off the ground. Be our first customers, get our first series of products and be actors in the launching of our project.

The development of the website, which is an investment of several tens of thousands of Euros, is underway and is already financed by Cimemory's partners.

But before the opening of the site, it is essential that we review the functions of the site, to do test runs for our future market and allow us to anticipate possible evolutions and adapt accordingly.

Funding will allow us to :

  • Continue the Research & Development of future products
  • Implement the sale of gift boxes at national level
  • Adapt our service at a national level
  • Benefit from our customers' interest marks and confirm our business model.
  • Define precisely our sales forecasts by product, optimize our stocks
  • Finalize our product and marketing strategy.
  • Please those who support us by offering them a reduction on our products and by sharing our experience of the creation of a start-up.
  • Consolidate our working capital requirement, which is essential for the continuation of the business.

Join the adventure of a start-up made in France!


About the project owner

David Renaudin, associate, president, is responsible for innovation and trade

  • 3 year’s experience in business management and design Innovation.
  • 15 years of commercial experience, partnership and management.
  • Electronics Engineer

Holitiana Renaudin, associate, is responsible for the administration of the group

  • 15 years experience in administrative and accounting management
  • Masters in European and Business Law

Régis Nérée, associate, is responsible for marketing and strategy

  • 10 years experience in consulting in information systems for industry and services
  • 10 years experience in project management and launching of new products
  • Author and writer, ESIEE Engineer, Management at the ESCP

Mouna Jouis, associate, is responsible for communications

  • 10 years experience in secretarial / corporate communication
  • 4 years experience in management
  • Graduate in Corporate Communication / International Relations in English

Pauline Daniau, associate, is responsible for Webdesign

  • 3 years experience in Graphism and Webdesign
  • Graduate in graphic design and specialized communication for the WEB

We are actively negotiating with companies, leaders and actors of the services (entreprenuer networks, home-care service providers, banks, insurance companies, ... )


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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