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Ciel et mer : the photo book

7 years of photography, carbon expense 0

Nice Matin supports this project

Pour chaque euro versé par un internaute, Nice Matin versera 1€ (dans la limite de 477€)

About the project

"Ciel et mer" is a photographic project with pictures 0 carbon. Indeed, all shots were made from my balcony directing my focus towards the horizon, towards the sky and the sea. I would like you to find out what my eyes have seen more beautiful during the last 7 years ( sun, clouds, lightning, rainbows, tornadoes, Corsica, reflections, rays ...). My balcony is on the French Riviera, facing south and is located in a small paradise between Menton and Monaco, between Nice and Italy: Roquebrune Cap Martin.

I showed my pictures to two figures who have been affected and who wrote to me a few words: a "sea man" elected Sailor of the Year 2011 and is preparing his fourth Vendée Globe, Jean-Pierre DICK and a "sky man" who is a designer and world champion in 2007 paragliding, Bruce GOLDSMITH. The book proposes a double preface.

Some details about the book:
- Cover rigid cardboard
- Format 21 x 30 closed, 21 x 60 open
- Landscape Orientation 
- 144 pages

What are the funds for?

Why crowdfunding? For two main reasons:
- This book will be self-published, no publisher is going to finance the publication of the book,
- I do not have the funding for the publication of this book.

Why participate in this adventure by ordering your copy of the book? :
- Many people, including the two personalities of the preface (Jean-Pierre Dick and Bruce GOLDSMITH) were sensitive to these pictures, and you'll probably be just as much,
- For you, the risk is only 29 euros, and for that amount, you will have a beautiful object in hand, delivered at home (free shipping for France and Monaco)
- If you wait for the book to acquire it, ... and if everyone does like that, then the book will never be published.

Thank you in advance for the TRUST that you place in me and in this book.

What will the funding be used :
Goal 1 : 7 000 euros to print a few hundred pounds
Goal 2 : 10 000 euros to print 1,000 books
Goal 3 : 15 000 euros for 50 fine art prints with frame 60 x 80
Goal 4 : + 15 000 euros to print more books ...

Do not forget : the comission to Ulule, postage, postcards ...

About the project owner

My name is Maxime Peregrini and I live in the South of France, on the French Riviera, facing the sea in Roquebrune Cap Martin.

"Ciel et mer" will be my third Photo book. After "Reflets sur Monaco" in black and white, "De l'inutile à l'essentiel" (successful financing ulule) in duet with a photographer friend, "Sky and Sea" will show you my ordinary extraordinary. That never left stunned by a sunrise, a rainbow or cloud the most original forms?

To learn more about me and my photographic work, I offer my web site and my facebook page 

To learn more about my "Ciel et mer" project, I propose the facebook page of the project

2 great personalities have supported the project with their words for a double preface and you will easily find information on the web about Jean-Pierre Dick (sailing) and Bruce Goldsmith (paragliding)


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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