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cHTeMeLe - the first HTML5 certified boardgame

The nearly collaborative and nearly educative boardgame about HTML

cHTeMeLe - the first HTML5 certified board game freely available on "Print and Play" version

Some were waiting for it for a few days now, and the files are now available for download (in french version right now boards, cards and rules) in "Print and Play" version under a Creative Commons licence.

Why put your game available for free download?
That's a good question... our main goal was always that as many people as possible could play the game, that's why from the beginning of the project we decided to put a slight lower version of the game (without the amazing illustratuions of Pascale Mabille). So you can download the 5 boards, 112 playing cards, rules of the game, print it, cut it et play without having to pay anything.
The second most important thing for us is to try to bring you the best game possible. We have extensive testing with many people we know, but we're always eager to hear from new players, their feebacks, what they would add, modify, etc... We spent a lot of time this past few days to tweak the game: add some cards, delete some, slightly modify the rules (and a huge thanks to Krillin for his help) and so we wait for your feedbacks, after playing it a few times.
At last, we don't won't to restrain people who don't have the money to pay the actual physical game from playing it... so we give it for free

Please keep in mind that this version is not the final one, some texts, rules, cards, colors, etc... might change in the near future.

Download the cards
Download the boards
Download the rules

We wait for your feedback on the project's twitter  or via email ([email protected])

Olivier Chambon - Babozor